Hi, I’m Lady Janey and I’m a Customer Service Blogger and Mystery Shopper who is passionate about championing the very best of companies and challenging the very worst.

Have you seen my BRAND NEW book ‘Are You Being Served? It’s an anthology of poems inspired by the world of Customer Service and beautifully described by Lorraine Kelly as “a delightful, insightful collection of poems.”



As a unique Customer Service Blogger and Guest Author for Which? Conversation, I tackle a range of consumer issues whilst championing the best of companies and challenging the worst to promote the highest standards of Customer Service in the UK today. The exclusive Saturday Spotlight directory of excellence showcases only the VERY BEST of Cotswolds companies and features interviews with fabulous people behind excellent customer experiences and the NEW ‘Breakfast With ……’ series covers interviews with some of the biggest players in Business & Customer Service today. Mystery Shop Monday sees me out and about finding out exactly which companies provide good service and which definitely don’t and My Reviews cover only the very best places to eat, drink, visit and stay.

As a trusted, independent Mystery Shopper, I offer a unique consultancy service. Please contact me via my Mystery Shopping page to find out more about the bespoke packages available and to book your free no obligation telephone call to discuss your company’s specific requirements. My first book 30 Reasons to Hire a Mystery Shopper is available on Amazon.

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How to take fabulous photos of your dogs

Dogs are with us for a short time, but the love and joy they share resonates long after they’re gone. Taking photos of your dogs is a beautiful way to capture the joy that they’ve brought you and to create cherished memories you can look back on for years to come.    ...

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The Spa at Hatherley Manor: One year on

It was a beautiful midsummer’s evening. On Friday 28th June, the sun was shining, the BBQ was lit, prosecco was flowing and a stream of guests started to arrive at a special anniversary party to celebrate the first birthday of The Spa at Hatherley Manor.     It’s hard...

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Press 1 for #Aaaagghh Automated Call Systems

Automated call systems just drive me to distraction. There is nothing more irritating than calling a company with a quick query (that you you’ve already spent hours trying to find the answer to online) only to end up trawling your way through a series of random...

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When the trust has gone- Traders who let you down

It’s a real shame nowadays that it’s hard to know who we can trust and who we can’t. Our years of house building have absolutely destroyed my confidence in the ability of someone to do a job well or a product to do what it says on the tin. I’ve lost count of the...

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When companies do not listen to customers

If you don’t listen to customers, you can’t help them, understand them, provide what they need and you most definitely cannot resolve any problems they have with your product or service. It defies belief that I even have to write this post but it seems that the...

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