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Lady JaneyHi I’m Lady Janey and I’m the Queen of Customer Service as crowned on BBC Your Money & Your Life. I’m also a Radio Presenter for Travel Radio, Dean Radio and Rocking Fox Radio. I’ve been featured as one of the top 5 Consumer Champions in the UK in the Daily Mail and have also appeared in The Sun and Woman, Woman’s Own, Pick Me Up and Take a Break magazines. I’m an expert in my field specialising in travel and hospitality, the go to consumer expert for a number of local and national radio stations and a guest author for WhichUK Conversation and ResolverUK.

My first experience of working in the Customer Service industry was at the age of 14 when I worked in the local hairdressers, beautifully accessorised with my shocking 80’s perm, as a Saturday junior. Eventually I moved on to work in restaurants and then took a job with British Airways as cabin crew after finishing my degree. I was passionate about delivering excellent Customer Service and had some of the best times ever flying the world and looking after a whole range of different people.

Unfortunately, life got in the way and my Customer Service career was cut short when I was diagnosed with MS and unable to carry on being a hostie with the mostie. However, I’ve always had a keen eye for Customer Service and when we built our own home, we were battered with a whole range of predominantly dire experiences, interspersed with just the odd glimmer of brilliance, which is what ultimately drove me to put pen to paper.

So here I am now, providing help to anyone looking for redress and refunds after experiencing dismal Customer Service and encouraging companies in order to improve standards of Customer Service and inspire excellence.

On the Lady Janey blog I tackle a range of consumer issues whilst championing the best of companies and challenging the worst to promote the highest standards of Customer Service in the UK today. The exclusive Saturday Spotlight directory of excellence showcases only the VERY BEST of companies and the ‘Breakfast With ……’ series covers interviews with some of the biggest players in Finance & Customer Service today. Mystery Shop Monday sees me out and about finding out exactly which companies provide good service and which definitely don’t and My Reviews cover only the very best places to eat, drink, visit and stay.

My latest book ‘Are You Being Served? is inspired by the world of Customer Service and beautifully described by Lorraine Kelly as “a delightful, insightful collection of poems.” My first book 30 Reasons to Hire a Mystery Shopper is also available to purchase on Amazon.

I really hope you enjoy reading my posts. Your comments and feedback are very welcome. If you love your podcasts then please do take a listen to my BRAND NEW consumer interview series over on Anchor.

Credit to Janet Gow Photography for all Media Imagery.

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