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Hi, I’m Lady Janey!

Lady JaneyMy first experience of working in the Customer Service industry was at the age of 14 when I worked in the local hairdressers, beautifully accessorised with my shocking 80’s perm, as a Saturday junior. Eventually I moved on to work in restaurants and then took a job with the “UK’s favourite” airline as cabin crew after finishing my degree. I was passionate about delivering excellent customer service and had some of the best times ever flying the world and looking after a whole range of different people.

Unfortunately, life got in the way and my customer service career was cut short when I was diagnosed with MS and unable to carry on being a hostie with the mostie. However, I’ve always had a keen eye for customer service and when we built our own home, we were battered with a whole range of predominantly dire experiences  but also interspersed with the odd glimmer of brilliance.

So here I am now, writing this blog and hoping that we can share our customer service experiences, both good and bad, with the aim of really making a difference together and fight to improve standards of Customer Service in the UK today.

I really hope you enjoy reading my posts. I would love to hear about your own customer service experiences and hope that you will share them with me. Your comments and feedback on all of my posts are very welcome. Please also read my reviews of places which offer excellent customer service here in the Cotswolds.

Happy reading!

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