Hi, I’m Lady Janey and I’m a Customer Service Blogger and Independent Mystery Shopper. Whether it be in the hospitality or service industry; on the high street or online, my blog covers what’s good and what’s not so good in the world of Customer Service today and how to ensure that what you spend your hard earned money on is worth every penny.

As a trusted, independent Mystery Shopper, I offer my own Bespoke Mystery Shopping Experiences. Please do get in touch to find out more about the packages available and to book your FREE 1 hour no obligation consultation.

On the blog, the EXCLUSIVE Saturday Spotlight directory of excellence showcases only the VERY BEST of Cotswolds companies and features interviews with fabulous people behind excellent customer experiences. The new ‘Breakfast With ……’ series covers interviews with some of the biggest players in Business & Customer Service today and My Reviews include my personal recommendations of where is best to eat, drink, visit and stay.

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When companies do not listen to customers

If you don’t listen to customers, you can’t help them, understand them, provide what they need and you most definitely cannot resolve any problems they have with your product or service. It defies belief that I even have to write this post but it seems that the...

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How to take care of your dog in hot weather

It beggars belief that I am having to write this post but as we start to see temperatures soaring once more that it seems like some people still do not know how to look after their dogs in hot weather. I come across a lot of stupidity in the world of Customer Service...

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Customer Service Surveys- Are they worth it?

General post-purchase Customer Service questionnaires and surveys are a common way of collating feedback from customer experiences but ratings can be random. One person’s 9/10 may be someone else’s 6/10. Psychologically, few will assign a top rating to a product or...

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5 of the Best Luxury Spas in the Cotswolds

With so much choice of fabulousness in the Cotswolds when it comes to spas, making that decision as to where to head for that much needed R & R can be tricky. From location to the offering and reputation, The Cotswolds undoubtedly leads the way in providing the most...

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