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How to take care of your dog in hot weather

It beggars belief that I am having to write this post but I have been truly exasperated over the last few weeks of soaring temperatures to see that some people still do not know how to look after their dogs in hot weather. I deal with a lot of stupidity in the world...

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Saturday Spotlight – Emma Green Bowen Therapy

The joy of Saturday Spotlight has been the opportunity to discover so many different companies in the Cotswolds which share a combined passion for customer service and which I would never usually have come across. This week is no exception. Please welcome to the Lady...

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70 years of the NHS but how many years are left?

Today the National Health Service celebrates 70 years of providing healthcare free at the point of delivery but how much longer can it survive in its current state? Since its launch, the NHS has grown into the world’s biggest publicly funded health service taking care...

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Death of the High Street- Are we to blame?

Last year saw a record high rate of high street store closures and this trend has continued into 2018 with data from Business Insider UK indicating that more than 3800 retailers are expected to close their doors. Maplin and Toys R Us have become the latest retail...

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Is it here to stay or has eBay had its day?

According to data by Statista, in the first quarter of 2018, eBay had reached 171 million active users. A far cry from its humble beginnings in the living room of Pierre Omidyar where it started its life as the online auction website AuctionWeb in 1995. The success of...

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