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Cold calling, makes my blood boil

Finally new legislation on cold calling could see companies held to account for their actions and fined up to £500,000. People will now need to opt in to receive PPI and personal injury calls and hopefully this is just the start of a roll out of changes in the law....

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Why there can be no winners with Wonga

In stark contrast to the height of its success in 2013 with over a million customers, Wonga has finally had a taste of its own medicine. With the shoe firmly on the other foot in its financial struggle to stay afloat, it has been booted into administration. But...

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Death of the High Street- Are we to blame?

With Homebase on the verge of collapse and facing a make or break vote on its future, the retail sector has been thrust back into the media spotlight. Last year saw a record high rate of high street store closures and this trend has continued into 2018 with data from...

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Make Ready Events- Outdoor Fun for Everyone

What better way to spend a gloriously sunny afternoon than making the most of the great outdoors in the beautiful Surrey countryside. When tasked with finding an afternoon of activities to occupy my favourite little people during their school holidays, Make Ready...

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