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Thank you for visiting my Work With Me Page.

I am a guest author for WhichUK Conversation, a freelance writer and content creator, radio presenter and published author. I have also appeared on BBC Breakfast and been featured in the Daily Mail as well as Take a Break and Woman magazine as a Consumer Champion and Expert.

As a Mystery Shopping Consultant I am able to work alongside your team to evaluate the Customer Service your company offers and ensure the very best of Customer Service experiences as a result. Please see my Mystery Shopping Consultancy page for more information about the unique service I offer.

As a Consumer Blogger, I would love to work with you to promote your service or brand. Customer Service is my main blog niche but I also cover lifestyle, travel, food and beauty and I have a dog @privilegedpup75, who would be very happy to help promote any pet related products or services.

I am pleased to be able to offer the following:

Lady Janey

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Product/ Service/Company Reviews
  • Blog Advertising
  • Social Media Shares
  • Promotions
  • Events Attendance
  • Customer Service Workshops
  • Media work including TV/Radio/Press/Public Speaking


My name is only ever associated with the best possible value of service or product and my recommendations are consistently the best of the best. Since the launch of the Lady Janey blog, I have built a series of successful blog partnerships and an organic, loyal social media following.

Please do contact me via the email address below if you require a media pack including all my stats, history and rate card.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lady Janey

58 High Street 


GL50 1EE

Please note that any invoices must be settled within 7 days or I reserve the right to remove any relevant blog posts accordingly.

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