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4 Ways to Cope with the Fear of Flying

It is possible to get anxious about anything. Flying is one of those things. The fear of flight is known as aviophobia and defined as the extreme avoidance of planes or activities and places associated with them. A part of getting anxious is likely to be associated...

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Should there be an International Travel Ban?

The new strain of Coronavirus is far more virulent and much easier to spread. As a result, we are now in a third National Lockdown but there STILL have been no changes to international travel in and out of the UK. Is it time to reflect on the reasons this virus got to...

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The Second Lockdown- Your Consumer Travel Rights

In a bid to stem the increase in coronavirus outbreaks, England has now been placed into a second lockdown, which will run until Wednesday 2nd December. This means that you must stay at home as per the Government directive. But how does this affect your holiday plans?...

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Breakfast with Travel Expert Rob Globetrotter

We’re all very used to the same expert faces on our screens but is it time for a change? A new generation of fabulous experts is emerging and my ‘Breakfast with’ guest today is one of them. Please welcome fellow Travel Expert Rob Globetrotter.     Rob Globetrotter has...

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