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How to save money and look your best for less!

With lockdown purse strings likely to be tightened with the fear of a recession, it's a slightly different post from me this week with a few tips as to how to save money and look your best for less! After months of doom and gloom with not a hairdresser or beautician...

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What makes a good CEO and why Alex Cruz must go

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are the highest-ranking executives in an organisation. They shape a company’s ideals and set its tone and culture. They are answerable not just to the board of directors representing shareholders and owners but the organisation as a...

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10 ways to get your refund and your money back

Trying to get refunds from companies is sometimes not the easiest of tasks but at the moment it’s proving almost impossible. If the company is not forthcoming in paying the refund that you are legally owed then here are 10 ways you can get your money back.    ...

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