What I love the most about the Lady Janey blog and being a presenter on Travel Radio is the opportunity to connect with amazing likeminded people. My latest breakfast guest is the perfect example. Please welcome Travel Consultant and YouTuber Alan Hill.



Alan Hill is a travel consultant who has also ‘Started to dabble in the work of influencing on social media, particularly on YouTube’ with his channel called ‘Travel with Alan Hill. He says that he is also due to start working on his Twitter and Instagram pages.

Alan has always loved travel from a very young age and says that he loved ‘The idea of travelling’ although he didn’t fly until the age of 22. He has though ‘made up for it since.’

Alan’s first ever job was when he was 16 years old. He worked at a greengrocer, which he says mostly involved ‘Lifting boxes of apples and oranges and 4 stone bags of spuds.’ Well Alan, I suppose we all have to start somewhere. I’m sure that all that lifting was appreciated if nothing else.

As for the worst job, Alan says that it ‘Was probably where I took customer service calls for Virgin Media. I had a lot of frustrations with that job. I love to know that customers are getting treated fairly and that people have someone that will take ownership and not pass the buck. In fairness not everyone treated customers poorly like that though, I also met a lot of amazing, talented and lovely people.’ That’s lovely to hear Alan. Yes, not everyone can be tarred with the same brush.

Alan’s biggest consumer gripe is ‘Staff not taking ownership of the customer issue but that said you do get some ridiculous complaints.’ You certainly do Alan and it’s been lovely to have a giggle with you over some absolute classics over the last few weeks. 

A destination of choice for Alan is ‘Ideally a Caribbean cruise visiting a private island like Great Stirrup Cay or Coco Cay in the Bahamas possibly. But you can’t beat the gorgeous sandy beaches of Mallorca.’ Sounds lovely Alan! I’m up for that if you are?



I thought it would be a good idea to ask Alan as a Travel Consultant about his top post pandemic travel tips and his ‘Biggest tip for everyone booking right now would be to use a proper travel agent and make sure your money is properly protected.’ Alan also believes that everyone should stick to the rules around Covid and hopes that the travel business manages to make it through 2021.

In 5 years time, Alan would like to be a successful influencer with successful channels. He adds that he also hopes that he and his family will still be happy and healthy.

After our customer service chats, it was time for the serious stuff; Breakfast! Alan says he loves omelettes and that he makes a lovely cheese omelette myself and sometimes a fried breakfast. Apart from with moi, he’d like to have breakfast on holiday in a sunny destination with his wife and child. Alan would love to chat over breakfast with John Taylor from Duran Duran, as he thinks ‘He is an incredible musician and a very interesting person.’

How fabulous to chat with Alan today. If you’d like to follow him on his travels then he has a Facebook group and YouTube channel called Travel with Alan Hill. Alan can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. I also interviewed him for Travel Radio on the 8th July and the show is now available on playback on the Travel Radio website. 



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