As well as being a Consumer Champion and an expert in my field of travel, I’m also a UK Moneyblogger and it’s been really lovely of late to chat to my fellow Moneybloggers about their blogs and all things consumer related. Today’s fabulous breakfast guests are the equally fabulous Top UK Moneybloggers Jo and Leisa (aka Joleisa).



Jo and Leisa are trained teachers who hail from sunny Jamaica. They both left teaching to run their blog Joleisa: Penny Pinchers’ Paradise and associated YouTube channel and social media platforms. The aim of leaving was to ‘Enjoy more of a slowed down and stress-free life.’ That’s exactly why we moved to the not so sunny Gloucestershire ladies. Life in the fast lane of the M25 and the hustle and bustle of Heathrow was more like existing rather than living

Both Jo and Leisa had teaching jobs as their first jobs after attending two different teacher-training institutions in Jamaica. They say they loved it as ‘Those were the days when students were friendly and polite, parents were supportive, and the education system gave you the push to succeed at your job.’

Jo and Leisa have only worked in a few schools and both feel like their first teaching job in the UK ended up being the worst. They say that ‘Things became extremely stressful and we found ourselves having difficulty sleeping, not being able to spend quality time with family and just not enjoying the job any more. The long and short is that we weren’t prepared to put up with what was happening in schools so we decided to take our exit.’ You can read more about their experience in this blog post.

Unlike me, Jo and Leisa don’t really have any customer service gripes. They say that in their experience, ‘Customer service is much better here than where we are from. We were quite shocked when we came to the UK and found out how easy it was for example, to return an item to the store! We have not had much bad experience with customer service.’ One thing they do find a little irritating though are ‘Annoying sounds that some customer service reps use while on the phone and they are searching for information. I’m sure you can relate.’ Yes, definitely ladies.

I took the opportunity to ask Joleisa about their top thrifty tips for 2021; “This is an easy one: reduce, reuse and recycle. We can make so much use of the resources we already have! We love crafting and creating products with materials that others would have thrown out. If we all ‘stretch’ resources like food, clothes, fabric etc it would guarantee that we do less unnecessary spending on smaller items and instead, save up for bigger purchases like holidays and other experiences, mortgage payments, deposit for a home etc. Some people still just don’t realise that every little adds up.” That’s so true. I’m a big believer in this quote “Beware of little expenses: a small leak can sink a big ship”



The best advice Jo and Leisa ever received was from their mom who said very wisely that “You must remember to save for the rainy day”. They say that heeding to this has ‘Served them well over the years even though now, we think we could have done much better in that regard.’

In 5 years time Jo and Leisa plan to be comfortable in retirement but are quick to add that they hope to be ‘Still living a good life but at a fraction of the cost.’ Same here ladies, that sounds good to me.

Breakfast for the ladies varies from ‘Fruits and a cuppa, to porridge or to our Jamaican national dish Ackee and Saltfish served with fried dumplings. Yum!’ It’s lovely to hear some alternate choices for breakfast even if it does make me sound quite dull with my toast and coffee!

As for breakfast companions, Leisa would love to have breakfast and a chat with Barack Obama as she finds him to be ‘Such an inspirational person.’ For Jo, it would be Oprah Winfrey and or Michelle Obama, for the same reason as Leisa gave. They have been popular choices during this interview series ladies and are certainly on my list too.

Many thanks to Jo and Leisa (aka Joleisa) for having breakfast with me today. If you’d like to follow their money saving tips then please check out their website. They are also on Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time!



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