Supporting independent retailers is very much at the heart of everything I do on the blog and in my world of Mystery Shopping, smaller companies frequently offer the very best of customer experiences leaving the larger ones who should know better firmly in the shade. Recently I had the pleasure to meet today’s breakfast guest whose dedicated services through her Lifestyle and Business Directory have been invaluable to a whole host of local companies. Please welcome the very lovely and inspirational Sali Green. 


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Sali Green used to work in London before returning to Cheltenham around 17 years ago. We shared the exact same thoughts regarding relocation to Gloucestershire, as life in The Smoke seemed to be ‘Existing not living’. With a new job, which enabled her to build a network of contacts and make connections, Sali was just ‘Full of ideas’ and keen to act upon them – so she did.

The introduction to the world of social media came when Sali worked in the fundraising office at The Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy Fund and later became the carer for her Nanna and created a ‘Nanna’s Lunch’ Facebook page. Sali soon realised that this was something she was good at and when Nanna sadly passed away, Sali put all her time into her building own business iwork4uglos. The successful Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business was created about two years ago and Sali now has 100 businesses on her books.



My word for this year was ‘inspired’ and this is something that Sali really relates to. Business Coach Robin Waite once said he could help her double her income within six months – and he did. As a result Sali works hard to support local people in promoting and moving their businesses forward through the creation of her friendly business community. I’ve ordered Robin’s book, Take Your Shot. I could do with a bit of inspiration plus a much needed kick up the backside business building wise. 



Sali’s dream job was to be a DJ which she did on a small scale for a few years. She says that she was always ‘Very good at choosing songs that people would dance to.’ I can quite imagine that this was the case as she just seems to have a real way with everyone she meets and an ability to really understand what they are about and what makes them tick. The best thing about Sali’s job is seeing her clients happy.  She loves it ‘ When someone has just signed up and is already seeing results’ as it feels like she is doing a ‘Really worthwhile job.’

On the downside with the number of clients she works with, Sali often feels like she’s spinning plates, which can be a little stressful. However, above all, Sali wants to be ‘Delivering an excellent service at all times’ to her clients so if this means burning the midnight oil, then that’s what she does. There’s little time for relaxing. However when she does get a second, Sali loves to spend time with her dogs just like me but also has a guilty little secret – Clash of Clans. What about you?



This year’s word for me was ‘inspired’ so I asked Sali about her own inspirations. Obviously Nanna came high on the list but Sali also named inspirational YouTuber Abraham Hicks and also Energy and Communication Coach Gill Kirkham as motivating forces in her journey so far. 

We were so busy chatting, we forgot about breakfast! However Sali tells me that this is a common occurrence as she usually doesn’t do breakfast on weekdays unless it’s some kind of ‘breakfast/brunch type thing’ but that weekends would often include a good omelette. Wish I’d known! I’ve made quite a few of those recently as had quite a haul of fresh from the farm eggs to use up.  Wonder what will be the breakfast of choice for my next guest? 



Apart from me, Sali would like to have breakfast with Bob Marley as he ‘Had a calm spirit’ and ‘Tried to bring people together.’ This is an ethos which really resonates with Sali and is emulated in absolutely everything she does.



I can’t tell you how lovely it has been to chat to Sali Green today. You can find out more about the services she offers on her websites and Sali is also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

Until next time everyone!

Cin cin!

Lady Janey x



A big thank you to NR Social Cheltenham for the opportunity to use its fabulous networking area for our chats.



The food was equally as fabulous. Hands down the best vegetarian wrap I’ve ever eaten – and really good value too!


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