Another week and a NEW ‘Breakfast with……’ interview! Who isn’t dreaming of escaping right now to our favourite pocket of the UK? We might not be able to go on holiday yet but we can certainly plan it, book it and of course, dreams are still very much allowed. A little touch of inspiration for you today comes in the form of this fab-u-lous interview with the equally fabulous Claire Robinson, founder and editor-in-chief of Weekend Candy.



Weekend Candy is an online magazine about incredible weekend breaks around the UK. Claire Robinson directs the vision and content of the site, she writes travel articles, supports small hospitality businesses with editorial coverage and promotion, schedules social media and ensures that the magazine is ‘Full of great inspiration for people to make the most of their two precious days off.’ Claire is a professional writer and creative by trade and says that she had a ‘Very entrepreneurial dad’ so felt she was always destined to be her own boss! ‘But in truth, I love writing!’ she adds.

Claire’s first every job was when she worked at a textiles shop in my hometown of Bridport in Dorset. I was a cashier and general dog’s body! As for the worst job ever, she once volunteered at a riding stable to look after the horses in exchange for riding lessons. Claire says ‘They treated me like a skivvy, gave my job unrelated to horse care – like mucking out their dog kennels – were rude to me and never gave me one lesson. I went three times and then never went back.’ Doesn’t seem like you had much luck with either of those jobs Claire, thank goodness for writing!

Claire’s biggest customer service gripe is ‘Automated systems and disjointed companies who pass you from one person to another, then put you on hold, then disconnect. I’ve lost too many precious hours of my life on the phone to rubbish organisation trying to sort out the simplest task or left on hold in an automated cue. I also hate the chat box things that are popping up on every website right now!’ Well said Claire; I wrote a poem for my book about automated phone lines and being passed from pillar to post. I’ll add it to the end of this post.

It was lovely to discover during our chat that Claire shares my love of Italy. She says that ‘It has such historical richness and culture as well as the climate, the geographical beauty, the most delicious food and the most wonderful language.’ It most certainly does Claire. Did I tell you that I speak Italian? I’m a woman of many talents!

I asked Claire for her travel tips in 2021 and couldn’t help but giggle at her response. Fabulous advice.

1) Stay

2) In

3) The UK

In 5 years time, Claire sees herself being ‘Back down by the sea running the business’ she loves. Even though she loves Italy and hot weather, Claire says quite rightly that ‘The amount of variety of breaks that you can have here in the UK is astounding.’

Her usual breakfast is granola with some fruit and she would love to have breakfast with Holly Tucker founder of Not on The High Street so that she could ‘Pick her brains about growing a successful brand.’ Her second choice would be Tom Hardy’ (but she says not to tell her fiancé)

Many thanks to Claire Robinson for joining me for breakfast. You can find out more about Weekend Candy via the website and Claire is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time! Cin cin gin!


Automated phone lines

They drive me up the wall

Since when was it so difficult

To make a simple call!

I only have a query

It shouldn’t take too long

But I lose hours of my life

When I use the telephone.

Press 1 for this and 2 for that

And 3 to hear some more

And now I can’t remember

What I rang up for!

Your call is important to us

You’re now in a queue

We’re really very busy

Not sure when you’ll get through.

Finally now connected

But the assistant cannot help

Have now lost the will to live!

May as well be talking to myself.

I’m now being transferred

To further waste my time

But least there’s some music playing

While I’m waiting on the line.

At last I think I’ve got there

But then the line goes dead

Before I lose my sanity

Was it something that I said? 😉

If you liked my poem, then you can read more in my book Are You Being Served which is available to purchase from Amazon.  Please note that the link below is an affiliate link.


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