When a friend of mine asked if I had tried the new vegan restaurant in Cheltenham, serving plant based cuisine, I was keen to visit. I’ve been vegetarian since the age of 11 and when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 25, the first thing I did was think about any positive dietary changes I could make and was pleased to discover that I was already on the right lines.

I couldn’t believe my luck that a restaurant such as this had opened right on my doorstep. Not only somewhere where I didn’t need to worry about if there would be any meat free options on the menu but somewhere with a mouthwatering selection of buffet dishes, warmly served in true Italian style by Vincenzo.



I’m slightly shamefaced to admit that as I’m so used to having to check what’s in restaurant dishes, my first thought when Vincenzo pointed out a beautifully green caeser salad, which I would usually associate with chicken, was to ask if it had any meat in it! Luckily I was on a day when it was a case of brain first and then mouth so I didn’t embarrass myself. However it was so very refreshing to know that I could order anything from the buffet without hesitation and know that it was lovely, healthy, nutritional and extremely tasty plant based food.

During my first visit, I was able to sample the delicious summer lunchtime menu. Vincenzo and Louis are clearly very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about their offering and were able to describe in detail, to the very letter, the contents of each dish and how each one is prepared. Good product knowledge is one of the absolutely fundamentals of good customer service and this is something they had in abundance.



When I found out that a new seasonal menu was being launched the following week, I was there like a rocket, eager to try out the new warm buffet lunch options. The menu is simple; designed to give guests a less stressful dining experience. The main dishes can be accompanied by a tempting selection of sides and there are also a number of refreshing and nutritional cold press juices to quench your thirst.

I must admit that cooking plant based dishes always seemed a bit of a challenge and that although I enjoy cooking, I am inherently lazy. Vegetarian dishes yes but going completely plant based food wise was maybe a step too far. However, Vincenzo and Louis make it look so easy. The whole dining experience is delivered with effortless style and precision. After much Libran dithering and indecisiveness, I finally opted for the macaroni cheese in a deliciously creamy cashew nut sauce despite both the coconut and lemongrass curry and the Mexican bean chilli being equally as tempting.



There is also the option of an all day breakfast and even though I would personally have hands down chosen the Canadian stacked pancakes my friend opted for the Vinnie’s stack, which proved to be an equally excellent choice. I’m often a bit grumpy about Cheltenham prices but I have to be honest, the very generous portions are very reasonably priced.



Not only can you enjoy the delights of this new menu but Vinnie’s Eatery are also pleased to regularly host events such as free yoga on Thursdays and an upcoming Essential Oil Workshop on the 19th October so these are most definitely on my list of next things to try.

As for the plant based cooking, for now I think I’ll sit back, enjoy the service and leave it to the experts who do it so well.

Grazie Vinnie’s Eatery- ci vediamo presto!


I did not receive any payment for writing this review on Vinnie’s Eatery. I really enjoyed my visits and am proud to support this restaurant. All views and opinions are my own. Thank you for reading. I hope you take a look at the restaurant!

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