Since opening in 2012, Prithvi has built a firm reputation for its commitment to excellence. With a top ranking on Trip Advisor, a Michelin guide listing and being hailed as one of the top curry restaurants in Britain by The Telegraph, Prithvi offers a whole new experience. This is no ordinary, run of the mill curry house; this is Indian fine dining at its very best.

This was my first visit to Prithvi and I was really excited by the promise of a ‘memorable dining experience’ and ‘great service’. With such outstanding reviews to its name, my Lady Janey customer service expectations of Prithvi were set very high.



The first thing that struck me was the pace of the service; a pure oasis of serenity and calm in stark contrast to the usual brisk energy of your average Indian restaurant. There is attention to detail in every respect and the whole dining experience is delivered with style, precision and sophistication. Lunch for me is often a 5-minute sandwich break but this was lunch as it really should be, making time to truly savor every last mouthful. If only I had had more time!

My Lady Janey plus one and I were greeted warmly by our host, Jay, and an initial confusion over seating was dealt with swiftly and with ease. With our fellow diners Hayley Beth and Weekend Candy, we then embarked on what can only be described as a first class journey of mouthwatering taste experiences. The Prithvi menus are inspired by the seasons, perfectly apt when you consider that their name means ‘Earth’ or ‘Mother Earth’ in ancient Sanskrit.

Prithvi offers a very welcome and refreshing twist to traditional Indian food, with not a chicken tikka masala or a grain of rice in sight. First we were treated to a delicious amuse bouche of a rice cracker topped with crispy kale, mango and cinnamon and later another equally exquisite chickpea and tomato panipuri.




With delicious, beautifully presented dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients such as a tandoor baked salmon with beetroot cucumber and mango and wild cod with a delectable mustard and coconut jus, Prithvi certainly leads the way in lighting the fuse in fusion food.




It’s not often that I can enjoy a dessert in an Indian restaurant as I have usually suffered from eyes bigger than stomach syndrome and inhaled my body weight in curry. However on this occasion, before dashing off to my next appointment, I was able to enjoy the heavenly softness of a passion fruit cream with mango gel, coriander and honey crumble.

Good customer service is aiming to meet customer expectations whereas excellent customer service is surpassing them. Prithi is far more than just amazing food and wine; it takes excellence to a whole new level. Service is sleek and professional with attention to detail in every respect. At one point my napkin fell on the floor. It was deftly scooped up and swiftly replaced with another in an instant. I also ran out of change for parking but without hesitation, I was offered the exact amount to cover this cost.

I was delighted to be asked to attend the VIP launch of Prithvi’s new autumn menu and will be back as soon as I can. You can find out more about Prithvi here. All views are my own.





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