My final Mystery Shop at Malmaison Cheltenham is a bit of an impromptu one but just couldn’t resist! I’d just popped in for tea and chats with one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet  – more news to come on that one so watch out for her appearance in a future Saturday Spotlight!- and was so relaxed and comfortable that thought would try out the lunch offering too.



Friendliness of Service 10/10

I was looked after predominantly by Amy who was really friendly and approachable. She was really helpful in chasing up my order when she realised I was under a bit of time pressure and even went to the kitchen to wait for it so that she could bring out as soon as it was ready. There was good eye contact from Amy, service was most definitely with a smile and she was very easy to chat to. Amy seemed genuinely happy in her work and was a pleasure to speak to.

Speed of Service 8/10

My order was taken quickly and with no issues but it was a while before it appeared. I don’t like having to wait long for anything especially if I start to get hungry. In this case, yes I did have to wait for my wrap but it was well worth waiting for. It was no ordinary run of the mill wrap, it was a freshly prepared chef masterpiece! The dining area was quite full during the lunchtime session so any wait was also in line with how busy it was.



Efficiency of Service 10/10

Amy was able to answer my questions regarding menu choices and was very efficient in the way she took my order and took payment. I couldn’t quite finish the wrap in the time I had so she even packed it up in a takeaway box so that the rest could go home with me. Just fabulous!

Quality of Product 10/10

As I don’t eat meat, I had asked if one of the speciality sandwiches could be adapted to a vegetarian alternative. The suggestion from Amy was avocado instead of chicken in the Grilled chicken breast with grilled peppers, iceberg and chipotle mayonnaise wrap. I absolutely love avocado so this was the perfect recommendation! At just £8.50 this was also very reasonably priced. Presentation was spot on and it was the tastiest vegetarian wrap I’ve ever had.



Overall experience 9/10

I really enjoyed my visit to Malmaison, not just for the tea and chats I had initially set out to have but also because it was a really comfortable and enjoyable dining experience which, with the quality of the product, is a touch of class  above your run of the mill lunch offerings. Service was excellent and I’ll be back again soon to see if I can manage the wrap in one go this time!



What a way to finish the Mystery Shop Monday series! See you in the New Year for a series revamp which will see me out and about reviewing everything and everywhere!

Lady Janey x


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