I thought that it would be nice today to share a personal local favourite of mine with you. Everyone loves a good curry and they don’t get any better than at The Roadmaker Inn, Gorsley, which is run by former British Ghurka soldiers. Before moving here, the best curries were always in the Lancashire homeland but The Roadmaker Inn now wins hands down.

There are so many reasons why The Roadmaker Inn gets a Lady Janey 5*. Firstly the quality of the food is consistently excellent. If you choose to eat in, there is an open kitchen so you can watch your food being cooked and the atmosphere in the restaurant is always lovely and vibrant. I would advise ordering any takeaways earlier in the evening to ensure that demand can be met but they are always prepared to perfection and come with a very nice 10% discount.

There is a mouthwatering selection of both Nepalese and English dishes and I like the fact that the restaurant tries to use local produce where possible. When it comes to curries, I always have eyes bigger than my stomach and since I eat like a pigeon according to my mother in law, I’m always hard pressed to decide what to have, as there’s so much choice. Portions are also very generous so not much room left for desserts although they have a lovely tempting selection of these too.

Customer service wise, we are always recognized and warmly greeted with a handshake. Our favourite table is by the window and the staff at The Roadmaker Inn are always happy to accommodate our request to sit there when we visit. Table service is timely and friendly.

The Roadmaker Inn is about 25 minutes drive from Gloucester but well worth checking out if you get chance.

The Roadmaker Inn Gorsley

This post is in no way sponsored by The Roadmaker Inn or written in association with it. All thoughts are my own. I wrote the article because it is one of my favourite local restaurants.

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