As a self confessed spa addict, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out that Temple Spa not only produce the very best in luxury spa and skincare products but when you host one of their Spa To Go classes, you can relax, enjoy the whole experience in the comfort of your very own home and effectively ‘spa where you are’. So what better way to make the most of this fabulous experience than by combining it with a post half term catch up coffee morning with my equally fabulous spa loving blogger friends, Karen and Emma. Bliss!



Our Temple Spa Lifestyle Consultant Kayleigh arrived promptly, all of the lovely products along with special gift collections were invitingly laid out and we were ready to get started albeit minus a few hairbands. Our chosen class was Skin Therapy but with a touch of Masterclass so not only could we have the opportunity to learn our skin type and experience a bespoke facial but also learn some more advanced anti ageing techniques. Kayleigh was really knowledgeable and her passion for the products and brand shone through as she shared the pampering secrets of each and every one we tried.



First of all we followed the steps to establish our skin types so that Kayleigh could advise which products would work best for us. It was lovely to discover that we all had different skin types as this meant we were able to find out about other products we usually wouldn’t have come across. We then moved on to developing a personal stage-by-stage skincare routine, which began with cleansing twice (I’m always far too lazy to do this even once so being informed that you should always cleanse twice means I’ll have to up my game somewhat if I want to stay looking fabulous!) When fully cleansed, it was a fun face mask and scrub time followed by spot toners to restore the pH balance. Then we moved on to what I had been waiting for- a chance to try all the lovely soft moisturisers and, in particular, the crème de la crème TRUFFLE skin collection. The Body Truffle has been designed to make you feel loved, I think it was the other way around as it’s the truffle which was very much loved by the end of the session. The Absolute Truffle gift selection is now firmly on my Santa wishlist!



As well as the Skin Therapy Class, there’s a range of other two hour skin, soul and spa classes on offer including a Masterclass Anti Ageing Clinic, Red Carpet Studio Instant Glamour, A Spa Experience Class, A Double Detox class and a special Summer Breeze/ Winter Nurture Class of the Season! You can read more about all of the Spa to Go classes by clicking on this link.

The Temple Spa classes provide the opportunity to try the fabulous range of Temple Spa skincare and spa products plus learn all the best tips and techniques as to how to use them. These are no ordinary skincare and beauty products; these are the very best of the best created with the highest quality of ingredients and usually only to be experienced at Harrods or in a luxury spa!



As a host, there’s the opportunity to pick up a lovely free gift for yourself and with a range of luxurious skin, body and eye truffles up for grabs, this is one party experience you cannot afford to miss so book your class today. Check out Kayleigh’s Instagram page for more details.

“Give something fabulous, get something fabulous in return” it says on the accompanying Temple Spa literature for the classes. Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more and don’t just take my word for it either! Here’s what Karen and Emma had to say about the experience.


As much as I love a facial, I don’t enjoy it as much when I have a different therapist. Kayleigh made me feel at ease and I was able to do my own facial with her guidance. The Spa To Go had all the benefits of spa products, perfectly tailored to my needs, with the addition to it being a relaxed, social occasion.

Karen Whitlock, Stopping at Two

The Temple Spa class was a real treat for a Monday morning, a DIY facial with premium products. I picked up lots of tips – double cleansing being a game changer. I can’t wait to start using the products I ordered so that my skin always has that just had a facial feeling!”

Emma Bradley, Emma and 3


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