7 years of building our own home, 7 long years and did we ever find a decent builder? No we did not- well not until we’d nearly finished! We had foolishly appointed a local firm for the main build which specialised in building standard estate houses  and it soon became clear that attempting something more bespoke was way beyond their capabilities. Not so with my guest today who is a master of all things blockwork, a pleasure to work with and hands down the best builder in the county! Please welcome to the Lady Janey sofa, Kevin Fleetwood.


Hi Kevin, please tell me about your company and its history

I started out working with my Dad and completed a City and Guilds apprenticeship straight from school. I went on to work for Alan Whitehead builders and then moved to work in Abbeydale. There I was given 2 houses to build and it’s where I learnt the bulk of my blockwork and brickwork skills. I was offered a place with the daywork gang, worked for Dave Powell for 8/9 years and have been building ever since but now working for myself. In total, I’ve been self employed now for about 30 years but on my own for 13.



Why is good customer service important?

I have a lot of repeat business. People won’t keep coming back if you don’t provide a good service. I like customers to be happy and don’t like letting them down so always try to provide the best service I can.



How would you rate the quality of customer service you deliver and why?

Excellent according to Lady Janey so think that if that’s the case, then I must be doing ok!



How do you deal with any complaints?

I’ve never really had any but would like to think I could sort things out quickly if a problem did arise.



How do you encourage customer loyalty?

I like to do a good job so that people will be pleased with my work and hopefully recommend me to others. A lot of my work is achieved through word of mouth rather than advertising.



Why should people choose you as a company?

I’m taking over answering this question for Kevin because quite simply he is the best, most honest, reliable and capable builder you will find in this area. I’m just sorry that we did not discover earlier in our housebuilding process!



Where can people find you?

I can be contacted on 07717 575079 or by email fleet.90@tiscali.co.uk


It has been lovely to chat to Kevin today! Many thanks to him for restoring my faith in the construction industry and for reducing my wine bill and stress levels as such!

Cin cin!

Lady Janey x


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