This week on Saturday Spotlight I’ve got something completely different for you albeit still doggy related! I always worry about what life will be like when one day I don’t have my beautiful privilegedpup and I don’t ever want to forget him. Today’s guest provides a service which means that your best four legged friends will always be with you. Please welcome to the Lady Janey sofa, the lovely Trudi from Horse Pet Keepsakes, Gloucester who makes the most beautiful bespoke memorial jewellery for those who have sadly lost a loved one or pet.



After losing her special horse a loved girl Kizzy on Xmas day 2002, Trudi made herself a keepsake from her hair. Then others asked her if she would make them one a bracelet, then a key charm, then necklace, in fact all sorts of keepsakes so she gladly did so in order ‘To bring a little comfort as I know the feeling and loss it brings.”

I’m well aware that chatting to Trudi is going to be a very emotional journey. Losing my gorgeous boy one day will be beyond heartbreaking but the very fact that she touches the hearts of others in such a beautiful way is what makes the keepsakes Trudi makes for others truly special.



After posting a few pictures on social media, Trudi says that ‘It went from there on to making keepsakes from horse or pets ashes and human so that people can have part of their loved pets horses or friends or family members with them always. I have made keepsakes and sent to Nebraska Australia USA dogs hair, cats hair etc. It brings me great happiness to help a little.’

Trudi and I chatted about the best parts of her job and she said ‘I love to help people in the sense of making a bespoke piece of jewellery to help them with such a terrible loss, but also help people for example who have sold their horse due to being outgrown now etc, so they can have a keepsake even though they are still here in the present.’



Trudi went on to say that the worst parts of the job are the ‘Very sad devastating stories of horses that have had to be put to sleep suddenly because of a freak accident or had colic or even worst for me knowing that at the end of the summer the horse will not make it through another winter so will have to be put to sleep before the next winter and the owner doing the best thing they can for their horse until the time comes.’ This makes Trudi think of all involved in a daily basis until that time comes and says ‘That’s the worst for me and the same for a loved one who may be terminally ill or a sudden shocking loss of a loved one.’



Trudi says good customer service is important because ‘Such precious inclusions cannot be replaced ever, I make sure that as soon as I receive them hair or ashes I communicate with the person that I have them safely and make the keepsake to how they would like exactly and keep them informed throughout the process with pictures and either phone calls or email or messages to the point of them receiving their special unique keepsake. I only make one piece at a time so there will never be a mix up of ashes or hair.’

Trudi always makes sure she communicates with each person individually to meet all requirements and give the most efficient service possible. She says ‘I try to have less than one weeks turnaround. I’m empathetic as I’ve had loss and understand the precious bonds we have with our horse or pet or loved ones. I check and double-check each step of the way. All hair or ashes that are unused are returned and I always treat with the upmost respect.’



I asked Trudi why people should choose her to make their keepsakes and she said ‘I am genuinely caring and professional and have great empathy with them keep them informed and make each keepsake to the best standards as I can with passion and try to input the character of their horse pet or human in to the keepsake that I’m making.’

As for encouraging customer loyalty, Trudi says she makes ‘One keepsake for a person then I find the customer will then come back to me for more keepsakes to be made. Also recommending their friends to come to me, which makes me happy. I always do a discount on more than one keepsake for all. They know they can trust me and trust is very much needed with such special loved ones hair or ashes. Some people have parted with hair after 20 years of not being able to let it go out of their sight and trusted me to make a keepsake this makes me very honoured.’



In five years time Trudi hopes to still be bringing a little comfort to people with loss of a loved one horse or pet or others who have had to part for whatever reason and create more and more bespoke designs to cater for each persons needs. How fabulous is that!

If you’d like to find out more about Horse Pet Keepsakes then here’s the website. Horse Pet Keepsakes is also on Facebook (and you can also find Trudi via this Facebook site) and Instagram. The jewellery is just beautiful but even more so is the sentiment behind each and every final treasured piece. I’m off now to recover, finish off my box of Kleenex and hug my beautiful privilegedpup and His Lordship very tightly.

Until next week everyone!

Lady Janey x







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