This week on Saturday Spotlight, I’ve got a completely different type of company for you- one that’s about as far from nails, spas and hair salons as you can get! In fact you may think that I have finally lost it but no, this week only serves to prove that I am always happy to champion any fabulous company no matter what they do or sell or how big or small they are. Please welcome to the Lady Janey sofa, Matt from Buckland Garden Machinery.



Buckland Garden Machinery has been going now for over 40 years and Matt and his wife took over the business in March this year. The couple are very excited about their new venture and say they aim to ‘Carry on moving forwards by building the company even more by bringing more brands to the customer.’ Buckland serves both domestic and commercial users for all their garden machinery needs. From selling their equipment to maintaining and repairing their machinery. Not only do they have as Matt says an ‘Excellent workshop with extensive knowledge to tackle all manner of faults and issues’ but they also offer ‘Servicing to keep the customers’ machines in excellent working order.’ Bucklands stock a lot of products and accessories and can order in many, many more with just a couple of working days required to get it to the customer.



Matt and his wife regard Customer Service highly and as he says himself, ‘Without the customer there is no business. We have a strong ethos of treating the customer right so they come back and we listen to the customer’s needs and wants and address them as best we can. We have a strong customer base that returns again and again for new products and maintenance of existing products.’

When I asked Matt how he dealt with complaints he said ‘We take the complaint on board and come to a agreeable conclusion with the customer. Also, whatever that complaint maybe, we talk it through with our staff so we can learn from any issues and try and prevent the same happening again.’ Just music to my customer service tuned ears!



In order to encourage loyalty Matt and his team offer the best service they can and if there is a product the customer is specifically looking for then they will try and source it for them. If it’s something that they just can’t get then they will point them in the best direction to find the product they need. In addition, Matt says that ‘We are a jolly bunch (unless we are out of coffee) so we try and make any experience with us enjoyable. We also have a customer relations manager who sleeps most of the day (but he is a 10month old puppy) so feel free to pop by and chat and have a look.’ And here he is the gorgeous Albie, happy to help!



I asked Matt why people should choose Bucklands and he said ‘We are locally based and understand the needs of our customers whether they are domestic or commercial users. We are a small family company that appreciates our customers and will treat them correctly so they return again and again.’

You can find Buckland Garden Machinery via their website and they are also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



It has been lovely to chat to Matt today – and try out one of the ride on lawnmowers! What a way to travel! You may think I’m all nails, hair and lipstick but it’s a country life for me in the Gloucestershire countryside and although I’ll always be more of a Margot than a Barbara Good, companies such as Bucklands are very handy indeed!

See you next week! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x


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