Last week’s Mystery Shop to Cavendish House was a stark reminder of the changing state of our High Street and the future challenges it faces. With this in mind, instead of heading to the High Street for my usual coffee and cake fix, I decided to take a look round some of the speciality shops at The Courtyard and visit The Montpellier Cafe.




Friendliness of Service 7/10

I was acknowledged immediately when I entered the cafe and although on first impressions the assistant seemed a little off in her tone, it soon became clear that she was friendly enough. She had just been a bit distracted with other tasks when I arrived. Although I would have preferred to sit on the right hand side of the cafe, I was waved over to the other side because she ‘was cleaning’ that part. Service wasn’t overly attentive but it was very acceptable and the whole experience was fairly run of the mill straightforward.



Efficiency of Service 8/10

The assistant came across as very efficient busying herself with tasks. Orders and payment were taken without issue – at least I didn’t forget to pay this time unlike last week’s Mystery Shop! No errors were made with the order but then again you can’t go far wrong with a slice of pre cut lemon drizzle cake and a pot of tea.



Speed of Service 9/10

It was very quiet in the cafe so there wasn’t anyone in front of me at the counter. This meant I was served very quickly and I didn’t have to wait long for my order to be brought over to the table or to pay before I left.

Quality of Product 7/10

A range of snacks are available but there weren’t many cakes on display so relatively little choice in that respect. My pot of tea was very nicely presented but the slice of cake looked like it should have been a bit bigger! Cost for both was a bit on the steep side considering size of cake.



Overall Experience 7/10

I’m glad I popped in to The Montpellier Cafe as it’s always interesting to try somewhere new. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience by any means but it did lack somewhat in ambience and I wasn’t overwhelmed with the service or quality of offering. However I think it might be appropriate to pop back to try some of the lunch dishes on offer. It’s a shame in some ways as I whenever I pass, The Courtyard does look on the quiet side and I always wonder how some of the fabulous businesses there keep going in the current climate. As for The Montpellier Cafe, although I would love to support it, there just wasn’t the wow factor for me to secure a second visit but if you’ve been and had a different experience, then I would love to hear from you!

Until next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x







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