After a fascinating tour of The Everyman Theatre this week, I headed to The Coffee Dispensary with fellow blogger @BreadMakerDani to check out the customer service and to see if the coffee really is the best in Cheltenham as per Trip Advisor reviews.


Friendliness of Service 9/10

Staff were very friendly and polite and I was greeted with warm smiles. I wasn’t sure which coffee to order so opted for my usual latte. After all, any good coffee shop should be able to nail this one, and they did. Danielle loves the opportunity to explore new coffees so she ordered a Brazilian filter. Orders were placed at the counter but our coffees were then brought to the table to save us having to wait for them.



Efficiency of Service 9/10

Orders were processed quickly, payment taken without issue and we didn’t have to wait too long at all until coffees were delivered to our table. Staff were knowledgeable about the range of coffees available and seemed genuinely happy and interested in what they were doing, tables were cleared regularly as and when required and there was attention to detail in the presentation of the coffees. I personally prefer to order from my seat with a nice little menu to peruse beforehand as I always feel a tad self pressurised to choose at the counter even if no-one else is waiting. However, I do understand that a table menu might not workable or practical. Once a decision had been made, the order process was quick and easy.



Speed of Service 10/10

The coffee house was very busy but there was no queue to order when we arrived and we were soon sat down ready to enjoy our coffees in no time. It’s a lovely coffee shop with modern décor and a relaxing ambience. If we had had to wait for coffees to be brought over then it wouldn’t have been a problem as the quality of the coffee would have been well worth the wait.



Quality of Product 10/10

The Coffee Dispensary is famed for its fabulous coffee and I certainly was not disappointed in this respect. Prices are very reasonable and I’ll look forward to heading back at some point to sample some of the absolutely gorgeous looking pastries and will also be keen to try more of the specialty coffee, which will no doubt also be ‘brewed to perfection’.



Overall experience 8/10

The quality of the coffee at The Coffee Dispensary was very impressive. The coffee shop itself is a little small and seats are not the most comfortable but it’s light and airy and there’s a relaxed feel to it. Unfortunately the door was left open quite often which meant it was a little chilly at times. However this did not adversely affect the overall customer experience which was very enjoyable.

I’ve since learnt that The Coffee Dispensary is also doggy friendly so even though he won’t be able to sample the delicious coffee, I’m sure privilegedpup would love a new place to visit especially somewhere which delivers excellent customer service.

Until next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x


Credit to Danielle for some of the photos in this post. All views and opinions are my own.


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