The focus of this week’s Mystery Shop at Richer Sounds Cheltenham isn’t my usual kind of shopping but when needs must, needs must. I didn’t head out intending to use the experience for a Mystery shop but I was really impressed by the standard of service received that it would be wrong of me not to share it with you! Plus I’m always keen to cover as many different types of companies as I can in both Saturday Spotlight and Mystery Shop posts instead of spending the whole time eating, drinking or relaxing in spas!



Friendliness of Service 10/10

I dealt mainly with Richard who was really welcoming and friendly as well as very patient as he dealt with my 1001 questions with ease. I had been dispatched by His Lordship to purchase new Panasonic television to replace our own which had developed a fault. Simple I thought, an easy mission. Who would have thought that buying a television could be so complicated? There are so many different types and sizes and they all have various functions and features! Luckily Richard was on hand to helpfully advise regarding alternatives when we discovered the one I had been dispatched to pick up was found to be out of stock with no chance of returning.

Efficiency of Service 9/10

 The shop was fairly busy but customer enquiries were dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Apart from a slight oversight when the alternative Samsung television I had chosen was also found to be out of stock and would need to be delivered instead, the purchasing journey was relatively straightforward. Payment was taken without issue and I was given all the correct paperwork. The receipt was emailed within minutes to His Lordship.



Speed of Service 9/10

Despite several customers being in the shop, I didn’t have to wait that long for any aspect of the service. As the original television was out of stock indefinitely then I had to keep going back to His Lordship with information regarding a suitable alternative. This meant that other customers were served in between Richard serving me but this wasn’t a problem. I used the time effectively by taking photos for Mystery Shop Monday!

Quality of Product 10/10

Richer Sounds is our retailer of choice for goods such as televisions because of the consistently good quality, very competitive prices and also excellent warranties on purchases especially as a member of the VIP club. Time will tell but I cannot fault the quality of the product. I also have very confidence that should a problem occur, that Richer Sounds will deal with it well.



Overall experience 9/10

 It’s not usually the type of shopping I enjoy – doesn’t sell shoes, handbags etc etc- but I have to admit that I enjoyed my visit and will look forward to returning to pick up whatever is next on His Lordship’s wish list. The service was excellent. Richard is extremely knowledgeable about the Richer Sounds products, as are the other staff members from what I observed while waiting. It was a little frustrating that chosen purchases were not in stock and I did have to keep waiting around albeit not for long but aside from this, the whole sales process was text book perfection in its execution.

Exciting NEWS! 

Mystery Shop Monday will be changing format in the New Year so I have just two more visits left to share with you but where will they be?

See you next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x



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