This week I’ve been off spending more birthday gift cards in a store I’ve always liked but usually can’t find much that fits me. Luckily I was looking for a new handbag so I didn’t need to wear it but how was my customer service shopping experience when I visited Next in Cheltenham?



Friendliness of Service 9/10

Initially I couldn’t see any staff but when I finally managed to ask someone for help to find the matching purse for my chosen bag, the assistant I spoke to, although initially a little hesitant, was really nice. She even recognized me when leaving the shop and we had a lovely chat before I disappeared with my fabulous new purchases! Behind the till, Lucy was delightful. I caught her chatting the customer before me and she seemed genuinely very happy in her work and I found her equally as engaging.



Efficiency of Service 9/10

Checkout at the till was very quick and efficient, there were no problems with the transaction even though I used a combination of a gift card and my over used visa and I was soon the proud owner of a new handbag- and matching purse! Despite a slight hesitation from Vicky when I initially asked about the location of matching purse, I was not only taken to find what I was looking for but Vicky was able to help me to decide which bag to purchase.



Speed of Service 9/10

Apart from spending x amount of time looking around the store for someone to help me locate what I was looking for, the speed of the rest of the customer service experience was fine. Checkout was hassle free, quick and easy and I was soon on my way.

Quality of Product 8/10

The bag and purse are really lovely. I’m not too convinced yet that the material will be robust enough to stand the test of time with what I put in my handbag but I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. They were appropriately priced at £28 for the handbag and £15 for the purse even though I do normally prefer to pay less. However because I do so, that’s why I ended up in Next buying replacements so hopefully my new purchases will be much better buys than their predecessors- which incidentally weren’t from Next.



Overall experience 9/10

I really enjoyed shopping at Next today especially as the store was really busy even though it was late in the day and another significantly large high profile store has recently opened in the direct vicinity. I must also admit that I haven’t shopped at Next for a while, not because I don’t rate the store but because clothes wise, the sizes and some of the styles just don’t seem to work for me. However when I was having a good look around today then I was really impressed at some of the latest clothing lines in the store and will definitely be popping back to take another look soon. After all, I’ll definitely need a new outfit to go with my new handbag and purse- any maybe some shoes?

See you next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x



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