With a few pounds to spend on a birthday gift card, I headed off to Boots Pharmacy for this week’s Mystery Shop to pick up a few beauty essentials and the latest Christmas gift guide! It’s always a little frustrating to have to go into store due to distance, parking etc but unfortunately you cannot use gift cards online so when needs must, needs must. But how was the in store customer service experience at Boots Pharmacy?



Friendliness of Service 9/10

There weren’t many visible staff on the shop floor from what I could see but the assistant who served me at the checkout was lovely and friendly. She was also very patient as blondie here had misread the prices for one product and had to pop back to the shelf to pick up the correct one. I did see some assistants as I was leaving the store but received no greeting or acknowledgment. A simple Hello, Good Morning or Goodbye to customers should be part and parcel of standard practice.



Efficiency of Service 10/10

I found most of the products I was looking for quite easily and when I asked about the location of one, which I was struggling to find, the customer service assistant knew exactly where it was. I don’t know about you but it’s always the exact same aisle that I’ve traipsed up and down several times and somehow just miss what I’m looking for. Apart from a tiny self-caused delay on the till, the check out process was fairly straightforward.


Speed of Service 9/10

There were no queues at the checkouts so the process was quick and easy. Plus I didn’t hold anyone up with my blonde moment regarding pricing. I’m never too sure whether lack of queues really is a good thing or a bad thing if there are adequate check out assistants on duty as the state of the high street retail market does worry me and the lack of customers in stores makes me think that more and more people are choosing not to go into town. In Boots on this occasion, there was only checkout assistant visible on the till so if there had been a queue then it could have been a long wait.



Quality of Product 8/10

I like the quality of Boots products and think they are very fairly priced. Despite the fact that it takes me a long time to accumulate points, I also like using my Boots advantage card so that now and then I can pick up a little treat such as a new mascara or some perfume. Boots gift cards are always welcomed as presents but I do find it frustrating that they cannot be used online in this day and age. It would be nice to be able to place the order online and collect in store as it saves time and for me, it means that the shopping experience is not as tiring.



Overall experience 9/10

I always enjoy shopping in Boots Pharmacy and this Mystery Shop was no exception. There’s always lots of choice and lots of offers to take advantage of. The service was very good and the whole process from entering the store to checkout was very straightforward and hassle free. I managed to pick up all the products I was looking for, some of which are featured in a guest post I have just written for the lovely Sarah Miles, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger about 5 products I just cannot live without. You can read it by clicking here.

Until next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x


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