With the cost of living increasing and wages not following suit, belts are being tightened more than ever. We are also working much harder for less so every penny we spend should be worth it. If it’s not, then we need to speak out. If it’s not worth it, why pay it? Here’s how to make the most of your money.

There’s the old saying that if you look after the pennies then the pounds will look after themselves. By watching what you spend to the very penny, you will waste less and therefore amass more. To me, that also means making sure that anything you spend your hard earned money on is 100% worth it, especially if it’s something you’ve worked hard to save up for.



We’re not even talking just big-ticket items here. In order to be super savvy and ensure that you always get the best for your money, you need to scrutinise every single purchase you make.

I am a big Sainsburys fan and dearly love my home delivery service but when a packet of flour arrives with half its contents in the bottom of the delivery box or there’s an egg broken in the box, then I’ll always ensure I get that refunded, however stingy that may seem. In my mind I’ve paid for six eggs and if I get five then that means I’ve been shortchanged somewhat. Agreed?

As for larger purchases, then I am always first in the queue to let companies know if I am disappointed in any way. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, products must be of satisfactory quality, as described, fit for purpose and last a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t, then you are well within your rights to complain and ask for a refund if necessary.

Never allow yourself to be fobbed off. If you’ve bought something before 1st October 2015 then quote Sales of Goods Act 1979 for goods and Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 for services instead. Knowledge is power; make sure you know your rights. Knowing the correct terminology to use can work wonders when arguing your case.

Rules also apply to second hand or reduced goods because just because they are second hand does not mean that they should be sub standard. If they are not of satisfactory quality then you still have the right to return them.

One of my biggest bugbears is that if you complain to a company about the quality of a product, they often tell you that they often direct you towards the manufacturer instead. This is absolute rubbish. Your contract is with them as the seller, not the manufacturer.

If you’re ever unsure about what course of action to take and what your rights are then there is a wealth of information available online through trusted websites such as Which? I would also recommend taking a look at The Complaining Cow website for guidance.

You don’t need to be an expert to assert your rights but knowing where to get that information from, if you need it, is essential. You may not like to complain but always remember that you are not in the wrong for expecting a purchase to be worth the money you paid for it. It is not your fault if you have to complain about an item being faulty, not fit for purpose or of unsatisfactory quality. It is the responsibility of the company who sold it to you and it should be their pocket that is hit rather than yours.



It’s not just goods either, if the customer service does not come up to scratch, then speak up and let the company know. They cannot make any improvements to the service they offer if they are not aware of any issues. I’ve saved hundreds of pounds over the years by pointing out the shortfalls in service I have received in a whole variety of different sectors.I thoroughly begrudge spending money if the standard of Customer Service means that I do not get my money’s worth.

Ensure this is the year you make the most of your money. If it”s not worth it, then don’t pay it.

If it’s not worth the money

Then make sure you say your piece

Because things will never get better

If we all keep getting fleeced.

The cost of living’s rising

But wages stay the same

So if you don’t think that it’s worth it

Then make sure that you complain.

Don’t take no for an answer

Don’t let them fob you off

Or make you think you’re in the wrong

Because you’re definitely not.

You need to know your rights

Or where to get the answer from.

It’s the only way to win

And make sure you don’t get done.

If you need some help just shout

I’d love to hear from you

This tide of mediocrity must stop

If it’s the last thing that I do.


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