Stop Press! The latest Superbrands survey results are out! With British Airways holding pole position for the last three years in the Business Top 20 and the last four in the Consumer Top 20, does anyone else really stand a chance?

Well yes, seemingly they do.

This year, British Airways has not only ranked disappointingly way below expectations with a fall to position 4 in the Business Top 20, it’s also suffered a shocking relegation from the Consumer Top 20 where it has failed to even make an appearance.

So what is a Superbrand?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, a Superbrand is a ‘particular brand of goods or services that is of high quality or is otherwise exceptional’.

What is Superbrand status?

Superbrand status is awarded by invitation only and is exclusively offered to the most outstanding brands in their field whose goods or services are of the highest standard. Achieving the status of a Superbrand adds prestige to the chosen companies and reassures customers that the brand they are dealing with is the very best of the best.



So why Superbrand to Superbland for British Airways?

The harsh truth is that customers now no longer see British Airways as offering ‘goods or services of high quality’ or being ‘otherwise exceptional’. It is no longer regarded as an outstanding brand in its field and standards are far from high. Any former prestige and eminence is fading and customers are far from reassured that the brand they are dealing with is the very best of the best.

For years now, despite defiantly claiming the opposite, British Airways has focused solely on its profits and in doing so, has neglected the biggest valuable assets it has, its customers and its staff. It has lost its way and has its priorities in the wrong place. Customers see the decline and this is reflected in surveys such as these.

In addition many of BA’s core staff feel under valued, demoralised and constantly under attack from their management. When you’ve cut costs to the bare minimum, reduced staff numbers and failed to invest in your product and infrastructure until it’s too late, those short-term profits can suddenly disappear leaving a burnt out shell.

What a very sad reflection of modern capitalism when CEOs see only short term gain and aren’t interested in the long-term sustainability. When the damage is done, those same CEOs walk off into the sunset, bonuses intact and their eyes on the next target.

In the case of British Airways, we’ve all lost out. Our once famous flag carrier is no longer the pride of Britain. Going from Superbrand to Superbland is one thing but you have to wonder if in the long term the airline will pay an even higher price!



Read more about Superbrands and this year’s survey results here! 





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