Today I’ve decided to up my money blogging efforts and join my first ever frugal linky with the lovely Emma at Mumssavvysavings, Becky at Family Budgeting and Cass from FrugalFamily.

The daughter of one of my closest girlie friends is currently starring as Matilda in the West End and I have been absolutely dying to go and see her perform. This week I did and I’m so glad I went- Lily Mae Evans is a rising star, an extremely talented little lady and it is hands down the best show I have seen in ages!



However with living so far away, it’s not just a case of paying for the tickets, it’s rail fares, hotel accommodation and forking out for eating out too! (please excuse accidental food related pun there!)

In order to cut costs I made the following fabulously frugal decisions!

Found out a friend of mine was also heading South at the same time so we were able to share and cut travel costs in half. Car sharing is also lots more fun than driving on your own!

I invited myself to stay with my bestie so accommodation cost me just a very lovely (but bought on offer) bottle of red wine.

Remembered that had a stash of theatre tokens, which hadn’t used for some reason so was able to part pay with those which knocked a nice % off the final cost. The great thing about the National Theatre Tokens is that there is no expiry on them so can be used anytime. I had forgotten this.



Used my VoucherCodes app when in London so could get the latest offers and discounts from local restaurants for a nice pre show dinner! It was a bit of a tall order being a Saturday evening and we hadn’t booked anywhere but Pizza Express had a two courses for £9.99 offer which was just the ticket! Such a lovely vegan pizza and the service was excellent too!



Used my credit card to tap easily in and out of stations on the Underground – SO much cheaper than buying a paper ticket. It’s £4.90 for a single journey on the tube, which is the equivalent of a glass of wine- I know what I would prefer to spend my money on! And you can’t even use that ticket on the bus now. Just £2.40 with contactless or an oyster card for a single trip plus there’s a cap on how much you can be charged on any one day!

Have also come away from staying with my bestie with a list the size of me of money saving apps! Should keep me busy for a while!

How frugal have you been this week? Will look forward to hearing all about it!






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