Privilegedpup is now four years old and is well looked after, very much loved and in all honesty, very spoilt. He has lots of lovely, safe areas to play in, regular exercise, a plentiful supply of food, drink and treats, a comfy bed and a family who love and take care of him. However sadly this is not the case for many other of our favourite four legged friends.

Luckily there are a number of organisations, which work tirelessly to provide shelter and care for unwanted and abandoned animals, one of these being Cheltenham Animal Shelter. I was lucky enough recently to get the chance to chat to James Clay at the shelter about the fabulous service the team provides and the re-scheduled open day which excitingly takes place this Saturday, 22nd September!



I have to be honest. This is one of the most heartbreaking yet heartwarming posts I have ever written. In the same breath hearing about the amazing work at the shelter is both inspiring and yet soul destroying as I struggle to understand why anyone would want to treat an animal with anything other than love, affection and respect.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter helps re-home unwanted and abandoned stray dogs, cats and small animals in Gloucestershire. In addition they take in rescue dogs from the Gloucestershire Constabulary as well as re-homing animals from owners who are sadly no longer able to look after them.

As well as working hard to re-home abandoned and unwanted animals, there are a whole range of additional services on offer at the shelter including dog and cat boarding, dog grooming, dog training classes, on site vets, pet insurance and a pet shop.



The shelter believes that educating people about responsible pet ownership and animal welfare can help to reduce neglect. For this reason it runs a variety of educational programmes such as education talks, work experience programmes and Animal Days where 5-15 years are given a chance to attend the shelter during the school holidays to learn about pet ownership and other animal related issues.

If all this was not enough, the HALT project (Humans and Animals Learning Together) is an animal assisted therapy programme delivered three times a year for ‘at risk’ youths in Gloucestershire. The courses at the shelter aim to foster compassion respect and responsibility and participants are paired up with homeless dogs, which they must care for and train.

As it’s not eligible for National Lottery or Government funding, the shelter relies heavily on the support of the public to help them look after around 800 animals per year at an annual cost of £650,000, that’s one tall order. This means that regular fundraising and donations are absolutely essential. You can find out how to make a donation and all about current fundraising events on the Cheltenham Animal Shelter website.

This year, the re scheduled Cheltenham Animal Shelter Open Day on Saturday 22nd September is set to be bigger and better with more stands and stalls than ever before. In addition there will be lots of fabulous food and drink, cake and coffee and a whole range of stalls and entertainment on offer to entertain all visitors and their pets. It’s a chance for a lovely family day out where you can not only join in all the fun but also be happy in the knowledge that all funds raised will help ensure that the fabulous work of the shelter can continue.

Doors will be open from 12 noon to 4.30pm and a very warm welcome awaits you so if you are free, please do come along to support the team and all the lovely animals they take such good care of. There’s free entry to the event and registration for the dog show starts at 12pm. If you would like to hold a stall or a stand, then there’s still time to do so and you can download a booking form from the website.

I will of course be entering privilegedpup in the dog show although from my previous puppy training experiences, I am not quite sure which category he will have a chance of winning! However, regardless of privilegedpup’s chance of a prize, the open day is set to be a great day out even if I will need a stack of willpower in order to avoid returning home with a car full of new friends!


Please share this post and by doing so, give a voice and a chance to our four legged friends who really need it!





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