Alongside being a Consumer Champion, I’m proud to be a UK Moneyblogger and am beyond chuffed today to be having breakfast with one of my blogging inspirations. Please welcome fellow UKMoneyblogger and quite possibly the kindest person you could ever meet ThriftyMum Hollie Hutchinson.



Hollie Hutchinson is a super savvy family finance blogger over at She first started her blog when she was pregnant with her eldest son James and was in a Facebook group full of women who were all expecting around the same time. Hollie found herself regularly sharing all the freebies she kept finding that you could claim when you were starting a family. One of the other mums to be told her that she couldn’t keep up with her posts and suggested she had her own website. Hollie says that ‘It just kind of snowballed from there!’

Nowadays Hollie writes about a whole range of things, not just deals and discounts as she found the restriction on her income due to maternity pay ‘Really made me creative in how I spent what I did have coming in and also start to expand my involvement in side hustles.’

Hollie’s first ever job was working on the cake department in a Morrisons supermarket where she earned £3.40 per hour. Hollie didn’t stay there long before she was lured into the public sector where she has been for the last 20 years.

The worst job Hollie ever had was as a bottle collector for the opening night of the new local university bar and nightclub. She was still in school at the time, the customers were awful, she didn’t get a lift home as promised, was verbally abused for the whole evening, and didn’t feel remotely safe. In fact “It was that bad I didn’t even go back to pick up my wages!”

Since then Hollie says she has ‘Had lots of complex, challenging and stressful jobs but I’ve learnt to use those as opportunities for growth.’ The bottle collecting sounds awful Hollie but good to hear that since then any jobs which didn’t quite cut it were a learning experience at least.



Hollie’s main customer service gripe is one I wholeheartedly share, as she can’t bear it when staff are serving her but carry on their conversation with their colleagues. It’s one of the first rules of customer service that when you’re on duty, your customer should be the prime focus. Tucking into a snack or woefully distracted doing nothing are also top bugbears. Aaaaaggh, faites attention!

From a moneyblogging perspective, I was also keen to find out what would be Hollie’ s top thrifty tip and justifiably so as it’s just spot on.

‘Ask yourself, if you only had short notice and had to flee your home, would you give what you want to buy the valuable limited space in your car? If it’s a no, then you can probably do without it.’

I think this covers leaving behind almost everything I possess. Just me, the dog, my phone and mascara would be enough. His Lordship might also be permitted to squeeze in if his personal possessions included a few bottles of wine!



In 10 years time, Hollie says she and her boys ‘Will definitely have a campervan by then so you’ll find me travelling the world one school holiday at a time!’ I really hope that by that time Hollie that we’ll be able to travel properly again. It’s a scary old world out there at the moment.

A virtual one this may be but breakfast was still firmly on the discussion list. Hollie’s usual breakfast is Fruit and Fibre but her ‘Happy breakfast is a soft-boiled egg and toast with fresh orange juice and a tea or coffee as long as its decaf.’ A ‘Happy breakfast’ is such a lovely concept! For me I think it would be some creamy porridge with honey and a hot cup of coffee. On a day-to-day basis, I’m lucky if I manage a couple of slices of toast!



Hollie says she would love to have breakfast with Michelle Obama as she thinks she’d ‘Walk away from that breakfast so focused and determined’ because Michelle ‘Has the energy I want to surround myself with every day.’ Just like my good self then Hollie! Maybe we could all do breakfast together one day?

The end of the interview captured just perfectly what a genuinely lovely person Hollie is when she said ‘Thank you so much for having me!’ On the contrary Hollie, thanks for agreeing to join me for breakfast. It was really lovely to chat and a pleasure to host you on the blog.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about ThriftyMum Hollie. You can catch her writing on the ThriftyMum website, general musings over on Twitter, pics and inspiration on Instagram and a bit of everything on Facebook.

Until next time everyone!

Cin cin!

Lady Janey



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