What a year! Who would have thought back in January that I would now be a published author! I have a number of people to thank for this, one of them being today’s fabulous Breakfast guest. My word for this year was inspired and in the world of writing and blogging, she’s the absolute epitome of inspiration. Without her guidance on absolutely everything from self-publishing and marketing to writing and selling books, I would still be dithering about wondering where to start. Please welcome author, blogger, ghostwriter and course creator Deborah Stansil.



Debbie has always loved writing and says that ‘Being able to make a full time living from it is, for me, the dream. I love spending all day creating new worlds and characters and throwing those characters through the wringer haha. ‘ This is something I really hope one day to achieve as creating a steady income through doing what you love and do best would be just a dream come true.

Debbie’s first job was when she first started college. ‘I worked on an evening cleaning the offices at a local chemical plant. It wasn’t exactly glamourous, but it was great for me at that time. I worked from 6-8 so I could still go out after work and it paid for my college expenses and a bit of pocket money for me. ‘

As for the worst job she’s ever had, Debbie says that it was when she ‘Spent almost a year working in a mobile phone shop and I hated it. The only good thing about it was the other people I worked with. I honestly don’t know what was worse – being yelled at for stuff that wasn’t my fault off customers, or the carry on whenever I had to ring one of the networks. And despite what customers seem to think, we didn’t have any special numbers to call them – we had to go through the exact same process as the customer did. ‘ Telecoms companies of any description are still hands down one of the most difficult sectors to deal with. Why is trying to get even the simplest of information still so difficult?




I was keen to find out about Debbie’s experience of good and bad customer service and was very pleased with her response. ‘Honestly, I was recently very pleasantly surprised by Haven (in fairness, I’ve never had a bad experience with them, but this time, they really did go above and beyond in my opinion). My friend and I had booked a short break with them, and two days before we were due to go, her daughter ended up in hospital. We hadn’t taken out the insurance (stupid I know) and I really didn’t expect them to do anything about it. They rearranged the holiday for a later date, refunded the price difference, and even gave us a free upgrade for our new date. Bearing in mind none of what happened was their fault, and they would have been well within their rights to do nothing at all, I was really impressed with them. ‘ This is lovely to hear. It’s unfortunately quite a rarity nowadays that a company can solve a problem without making it ten times worse in the process!

 As for Debbie’s biggest customer service gripe, it is that “the customer is always right” and says that ‘Whoever thought it was a good idea to phrase it that way had clearly never worked in any sort of customer facing role. From my experience of working in a bar amongst other things, the customer is very rarely right, and on the odd occasion they are, the mistake was generally fixed before they even noticed it. Seriously, if you’re a customer and someone who works in the store/bar/wherever you are is telling you that you’re wrong, chances are it’s because you’re wrong. If you don’t agree with the corporate policy, try to remember the sales assistant you’re yelling at doesn’t make the rules, and doesn’t get paid enough for you to take your bad mood out on. ‘ Well said Debbie. This is especially important at this time of year. I was chatting yesterday to a girl who worked in Debenhams and she said that people were just vile at Christmas time and that sometimes it’s really hard to bite tongue and just take it on the chin. It reminded me of this blog post I wrote about an incident in Santa’s grotto.



As you know, my word for 2019 is inspired and this is what Debbie had to say about her own inspirations. ‘Anyone who had a dream and made it happen is inspirational to me. They don’t have to be multi-millionaires or famous, just the people that knew what they wanted from life, whatever that might be for them, and worked their asses off to get it.’ Perfect answer! Yes, many of my own inspirations are people who have worked hard to achieve their dreams, Debbie included.

In 5 years time, Debbie sees herself as ‘Still being a writer (I can’t imagine doing anything that doesn’t involve writing in some capacity now). I would like to have expanded my catalogue of book titles and I would like to have a wider range of courses available.’ Oooh I wonder what new courses will come up next. I need all the help I can get!

As for breakfast, this is the cheapest one yet as Debbie doesn’t eat breakfast so her breakfast of choice would just be a coffee. She does say that she would ‘Love to have breakfast with one of my favourite authors (Stephen King, Adele Parks, Michael Grant or Jodi Picoult) and have a chat with them about writing.’ Obviously only if I was unavailable though!



In her own words, you can find Deborah Stansil ‘just about everywhere’ so here are all the possible links you could need.


Blog link: www.myrandommusings.co.uk

Writing blog link: www.deborahstansil.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/randommusings29

Facebook: www.facebook.com/myrandommusingsblog

Instagram: www.instagram.com/debrandommusingsblog29/

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/randommusings29

Amazon Author Page: https://goo.gl/FrXC4V

Writing Courses: https://coursecraft.net/users/21R


If you’re interested in writing, then I would 100% recommend her courses. Money very well spent and could be the best investment and biggest step forward you take in your blogging or writing journeys. Her top tip for new aspiring authors like my good self is ‘Just do it. There are a hundred excuses not to start your book, but if you’re serious about writing, you’ll find the one reason to do it. ‘ I couldn’t agree more. I’m a real faffer so a push to write my own books was absolutely essential.

Thank you so much to Deborah Stansil for being my guest today. It’s been so lovely to have chats albeit over a coffee rather than a full breakfast.

Until next time everyone!

Lady Janey x



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