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How to take fabulous photos of your dogs

Dogs are with us for a short time, but the love and joy they share resonates long after they’re gone. Taking photos of your dogs is a beautiful way to capture the joy that they’ve brought you and to create cherished memories you can look back on for years to come.    ...

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The Spa at Hatherley Manor: One year on

It was a beautiful midsummer’s evening. On Friday 28th June, the sun was shining, the BBQ was lit, prosecco was flowing and a stream of guests started to arrive at a special anniversary party to celebrate the first birthday of The Spa at Hatherley Manor.     It’s hard...

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Press 1 for #Aaaagghh Automated Call Systems

Automated call systems just drive me to distraction. There is nothing more irritating than calling a company with a quick query (that you you’ve already spent hours trying to find the answer to online) only to end up trawling your way through a series of random...

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