I am rarely lost for words but last week the arrival of this absolutely beautiful Mother’s Day Rose and Lily bouquet from Prestige Flowers quite literally took my breath away!

Even the exterior packaging was impressive. Great care had been taken both in preparation, arrangement and delivery. So much so that it was almost a travesty to take the flowers out of their packaging!



Being just a puppy mummy, I don’t usually get a look in on Mother’s Day so was absolutely delighted when asked to take a look at this really lovely bouquet.

When it comes to occasions such as Mother’s Day, a gift is not just a gift; it’s a whole experience. Absolutely everything counts: from selection to purchase to delivery and to the quality of the gift itself. It’s not the day to disappoint because once the moment is gone, it is gone. This means that picking the best bouquet from the best place is of paramount importance.

I have to be honest that a 100% guarantee and a large selection of stunning bouquets at very competitive prices sounded almost too good to be true. As you know I’m never easily pleased either so Prestige Flowers certainly had their work cut out to ensure my satisfaction as a customer.

However, after almost a week, the bouquet looks even more beautiful than ever and I would challenge anyone to find fault with it, even moi!

Happy Mother’s Day!



Many thanks to Prestige Flowers for the opportunity to review their beautiful Mother’s Day flowers. All views and opinion are my own.

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