Trying to get refunds from companies is sometimes not the easiest of tasks but at the moment it’s proving almost impossible. If the company is not forthcoming in paying the refund that you are legally owed then here are 10 ways you can get your money back.



Consider how you paid for the product or service and under what legislation your purchase is covered.

If payment was made (even if only in part) by Credit Card then you are covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and can claim accordingly. If you paid by Debit Card then you may be able to claim using Chargeback. Contact your bank.

If your purchase is not fit for purpose, not as described or not of satisfactory quality then you can reject it under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and obtain a full refund.

If you paid via PayPal, then you are covered by PayPal Protection. Details are on the PayPal website.

Check any applicable insurance policy Terms and Conditions to see if any which would support a claim.

Use the Resolver online issue resolution service for help in making your complaint and getting your refund.

If you are dealing with any company behaving unfairly during the current pandemic then you can report it to

Escalate issue if necessary. Contact details for CEOs of major companies and organisations can be found via 

Take your case to the Small Claims Court. A final letter before action will be required before you can do so as you will need to demonstrate that you have given the company ample opportunities to address the problem before escalating it in this way. Use letter templates for complaints from Money Saving Expert, Which? and Citizens Advice. Ensure you thoroughly check what you are and what you are able to claim for before filing your case and take legal advice if necessary.

Refer your case to the relevant Ombudsman for that company after requesting a final response as per action for a small claims court claim.


NB You cannot get a refund just because you do not wish to travel anymore or need the money. You must wait until your travel company cancels the booking due to its operations or the latest government restrictions.

I hope the above helps you to get that refund which is rightfully yours. Don’t forget to keep complaints simple and to the point. Provide evidence to support your claim. State exactly what you expect the company to do to rectify the issue. Quote relevant legislation and give a clear time frame for a response.

Be persistent. Do not be fobbed off. It’s your money, you’re entitled to it and you can get it back!

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