Things have changed. I’ll never be able to drink wine anymore the way I used to. In fact it’ll never be the same again……..….. But panic not, after an incredible wine tour and tasting at Poulton Hill Estate Vineyard in the very heart of the beautiful Cotswolds, wine drinking is now going to be even better than ever!



Founded in 2010, the family run Poulton Hill Estate Vineyard has been producing award winning wines ever since their first harvest in 2012. There are over 8800 vines of 6 varieties on the estate, which can produce up to 20,000 bottles of wine per year from grapes tenderly planted, nurtured and harvested by hand. After what I can only describe as tour of the senses; I feel that I have made the personal acquaintance of each and every one. Vine that is, not bottle!



From the unruly Phoenix to the free spirited Bacchus and the balanced Sevil Blanc, it’s all about quality not quantity at Poulton Hill Estate and it wasn’t long before I started to understand why. It’s a small, dedicated team at the vineyard with Tiléri and Natalie having “probably touched every single vine at some point” so have understandably got “quite attached.”



There’s just so much more to producing the very best of wine than you would ever think and the work involved is phenomenal yet Tiléri and Natalie take the 24/7 care of their ‘babies’ from planting, bud rubbing, canape clearing and harvesting completely in their stride with their knowledge and professionalism being second to none.



Harvest is one of the best times of the year on the estate with each one starting with a shot from last year’s wine. Note to self: Must ensure sign self up to assist with future harvests but in the meantime, I’ll just devote myself to tasting the finished products instead. I’m a real team player!



First on the agenda for the expertly guided tasting by Natalie was a glass of third release 2016 sparkling Bulari, Poulton Hill Estate’s new trademarked name for ‘quality English sparkling wine’, Bulari being derived from the Latin word Bullarum meaning bubbles. This was followed beautifully with a refreshingly pink Provence style 2018 Still Rose and then a fine glass of 2018 Bacchus whose grapes originate from Germany and which were named after the Roman equivalent of the Greek God of wine.



The last to be brought to the table was a glass of the non-vintage, classic blend Arlington Red, which is named after the Arlington cottages in Bibury. Although not part of the tasting, I couldn’t help but also try the crisp and fresh medium/dry Arlington White 2018. When then asked for preferences as to favourites, it was impossible to choose so I just bought a bottle of each! Problem solved.



This was undoubtedly the ultimate wine experience and I have emerged from it with a much deeper understanding, fascination and respect for the way my beloved wine is produced. If you’d like to discover the magic of Poulton Hill Estate Vineyard for yourself then you can book a tour and tasting via the website and there’s also the option to book overnight Air B & B accommodation so you can fully acquaint yourself with each and every magnificent bottle just as I did. The vineyard can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



The motto of Poulton Hill Estate Vineyard: think local, drink local and with this quality of wine, absolutely, why not? Cin cin!



Many thanks to Tiléri and Natalie for the invitation to join them for a tour and tasting at Poultney Hill Estate Vineyard in exchange for an honest and open review. All views and opinions are my own.

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