There’s fudge and there’s fudge and there’s chocolate and there’s chocolate. So if you have the choice or a combination of both in one single pit stop, then surely that’s a double win? Discovering that Whittal’s Award Winning hand Crafted Fudge was being made right on my doorstep in Gloucestershire meant that a tasting opportunity was too good to miss! I was over there like a rocket to pick up my specially selected Pick & Mix box and a luxurious salted caramel chocolate Brownie bomb to boot. That was polished off in no time and I’m working my way though the rest! Have you discovered Whittal’s yet?



In 2011 cake maker Beccy introduced fudge to her loyal customers but….…. not just any old fudge, but the melt in your mouth kind; the best and most indulgent fudge ever. Hence the creation of Whittal’s Award Winning Hand Crafted Fudge with an impressive 24 delicious flavours to choose from and a selection of equally fabulous chocolate coated Brownie Bombs.



Whittal’s Pick & Mix fudge flavours change with the season and include something to suit every possible taste; Baileys, Espresso, Fruit and Nut, Lemon Meringue, Whiskey, Oreo, Mini Egg and my own personal favourite- salted caramel. Being a terrible decision maker I was stuck for choice but in all honesty, could quite easily make my way through them all without a shred of disappointment!



As for the Brownie bombs, the combination of the Belgian chocolate and mouth-watering flavours of Raspberry Ganache, Salted Caramel, Baileys Ganache and All Butter Toffee is absolute genius! Serve straight or slightly cold or warm with ice cream, custard or lots and lots of cream! Tempted?

Many thanks to Beccy for the opportunity to try some of her hand crafted fudge. She didn’t ask me to write a review by the way so no disclosure needed; I just love what she has created and admire her tenacity, talent and dedication. Both the fudge and bombs have become firm favourites of both His Lordship and myself! It would be mean of me not to share this with you especially now when times are hard and treats like this are just what we need. Can’t just keep them all for myself! Or can I?

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