I was dismayed to read this week that according to a Which? Report, Sainsburys had come last place in their best supermarket survey with only a 62% overall customer score. This is in comparison to top spot Aldi who achieved a much more respectable score of 74%. For someone who for years now has shopped at Sainsburys and found relatively little fault, I could not believe my eyes. How can this be? It even ranked second to last with regard to online shopping.

Customers in the Which? report were asked to rate supermarkets on the experience of shopping in store in the following seven categories.

I am at a loss to explain why Sainsburys ranked so low for the in store experience and this is how I would respond to each of the ratings.



Store experience in Sainsburys


I don’t go into store that often because I have MS so heavily rely on the excellent home delivery service. However when I do pop in ‘for a few bits’, it’s always a relatively painless experience and I am soon in and out with whatever I need.




I hate queuing and will avoid at all costs. I often use the self-service checkouts although these sometimes are deceptively slower as it takes longer to scan in own items than have them whizzed through the checkout for you. This said, I rarely have to queue for long in Sainsburys, I plan my visits carefully and do not visit in peak times. Problem solved.


Staff availability


There is always someone on hand to help and I have never once had a question that someone could not answer unlike in other stores I could mention.


Range of products in Sainsburys


Sainsburys has a wide range of products, especially wine so I am thoroughly spoilt for choice.


Quality of own label products


Excellent. I have tried quite a few of the Sainsburys own brand products and have relatively few that I did not like. Many you really couldn’t ‘taste the difference’ between the store and branded options.




Quality of fresh products


On the whole, the quality is very good. Even with online shopping, I rarely have an issue with the quality of fresh products delivered. Any item which is close to a sell by date is flagged up on the receipt so I have a choice whether to accept it or not.

Value for money


I think Sainsburys prices are very fair and competitive and there are often weekly discounts on my favourite purchases, which I can take advantage of. I would prefer to get more nectar points for the pennies I spend. In fact, I should by rights now have honorary shares but the few and far between nectar points are the only grumble I have.


When it comes to Online Shopping, the supermarkets were judged by the following seven categories and this is my take on each one;



Convenient delivery slot available


Always and if there’s not, then it’s my fault for not being more organised and booking a slot earlier!


Choice of substitute items


Sometimes this can be a little hit and miss and I’m convinced someone must be having a laugh somewhere about their substitution choices. However home delivery is still my much-preferred way to shop and if they get it wrong now and then, then that’s a price I’m willing to pay.


Range of products


Again this is absolutely fine. I rarely have any substitutions to my online orders.


Quality of own label products


As I stated above, I have tried many own label products and am very satisfied with the choice, availability and quality.



Quality of fresh products


The quality of fresh products, even when purchased online and home delivered, is always very good and I have relatively little need to complain. If there is a need to do so, Sainsburys respond quickly and efficiently.


Drivers’ service


Absolutely outstanding; drivers are courteous, friendly, efficient and helpful. I am known by name and so is my dog. It feels like a lovely personlised service and I doubt any other supermarket could top the service delivered by their drivers.



Value for money


I pay in advance for my deliveries, as Sainsburys offers the option to purchase a range of delivery passes. You can choose between an anytime pass or a midweek pass over a time period of between 3 and 12 months. An extra bonus is that if at the end of your pass period your delivery savings did not equal the cost of your pass, then Sainsburys refund the difference. The pass is well worth it for me as it is f £60 per year and I have at least one if not two shops per week. More money to spend on wine especially Sainsburys frequently offer 25% of 6 bottles!

The last reason alone is enough for me to stick up for Sainsburys! It’s the only one for me!

Take a listen to Andy Webb’s Be Clever with Your Cash Battle of the Supermarkets podcast featuring  The Complaining Cow and Katy from KatyKicker to find out more.



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