It’s back to my hostess with the mostess trolley dolly days for this week’s Saturday Spotlight with a visit to a private executive jet company where delivering premium Customer Service is at the very heart of the operation! Please welcome to the Lady Janey sofa, the lovely Bernadette from The Little Jet Company, Staverton, Gloucestershire.



On arrival at The Little Jet Company, I was warmly welcomed by the whole team then shown into the beautifully comfortable departure lounge and offered coffee. It’s the first time ever that I was in departures and didn’t actually go anywhere. However the experience was far more exciting than any trip I’ve ever been on!

I was keen to find out more about the origins of The Little Jet Company so Bernadette explained that Jason Bishop and Barry Preece started the company back in June 2014. Both directors attended the same local school Chosen Hill in Churchdown and always had a passion for aviation from an early age. Bernadette went on to say that they ‘Had both been flying for a number of years for different organisations within the Corporate Aviation Industry and decided to amalgamate their skills and thus The Little Jet Company Ltd was born. Peter Hamlet a very experienced Senior Captain then joined the team along with other members including Captains, First officers, Operations Manager and accounts and admin staff who enhanced the strength of the company.’ Bernadette concluded by saying that ‘They have seen a steady growth in the last four and half years and wish to continue this success.’ From where I was sat, it was no wonder it has been so successful as I hadn’t even stepped foot on the aircraft yet and the experience was first class!



Depending on your requirements such as length of journey and passenger numbers, a range of aircraft types are on offer at The Little Jet Company and I was lucky enough to be able to take a look inside the Citation Bravo and King Air 350I. I literally could not breathe as I boarded my first ever private jet! I also had the chance to meet with Chief Pilot Pete out on the airfield who was happy to explain more about the operation.



Back in the departure lounge, Captain Barry Preece told me that the best part of his job was the team he worked with. He went on to say he also liked ‘His nice office in the air!’ When I asked about the worst part of the job, Barry said that there were very few things that he did not like but ‘Living out of hotels’ was not something he particularly enjoyed. As a pilot himself, His Lordship is always telling me that too but I think I may have to beg to differ! Just give me a chance to try it!



Bernadette and I chatted about why delivering excellent Customer Service was important and was informed that ‘We have a strong belief that a happy customer will always utilise our services again and spread positive feedback in relation to those services provided. Our belief has always been to provide a safe, smooth, professional and competitive service to each and every customer. We provide a service that we ourselves would wish to use.’ Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more. Delivering a service on a par to what you would hope to receive yourself is paramount to ensuring customer satisfaction. When asked about how Bernadette would rate the level of Customer Service they company provides she said ‘10 out of 10 because our staff are professional at all times. They go over and beyond the requirements to supply a smooth and comfortable service to each and every client.’ I discovered that special requests are always accommodated on board with anything from dietary requirements to any little extras to enhance the experience catered for without question.



I asked Bernadette how the company encouraged customer loyalty and her response was ‘By treating all clients with courtesy and respect. We always offer a great service. We listen to the clients needs and try to accommodate all requests in a safe and professional manner. We make the clients experience with us hassle free, in order that they can enjoy their journey to highest specification. Bernadette went on to say they she hoped people would choose to fly with them ‘Because we are professional, warm and welcoming. Our aircrafts are maintained to a high standard and our crew and staff hold a wealth of experience. We believe in keeping the customer happy so that they will come back again and again to use our services.’



Thank you to Bernadette and Barry for taking the time to chat to me for Saturday Spotlight and you can find out more about The Little Jet Company via their website. They are also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It would be so lovely to have a little mini jet set break away with his Lordship but where to go, that’s the question! If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments below. I’m also hoping for the offer of a little part time job back in the skies. Wish me luck!

Until next week everyone! Chocs away!

Cin cin!

Lady Janey x






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