Yesterday my beautiful privileged pup turned 4 so what better way to celebrate than with this weeks Saturday Spotlight guest! I must have taken thousands of pics of him over the years but with being more like David Bellamy than David Bailey, I was thrilled to get the chance to chat with today’s guest. Please do welcome to the Lady Janey sofa, Colin The Gloucester Dog Photographer.


Hi Colin, please tell me about your company and its history

I have been a professional photographer for more than twenty years having owned and managed various high street studio spaces in that time – but our current studio, a custom built dog friendly and dog safe studio in Gloucester was opened in January 2017.

This studio was borne out of a desire to have a truly dedicated and safe space to photograph dogs. Where there was plenty of free parking and the environment was dog friendly. So we decided to give up our high street studio and construct a purpose built 300-sq/ft. dog friendly studio at the bottom of our garden – this opened for business in January 2017.



Why is good customer service important?

We strive to provide not just good customer service but exceptional customer service, from the moment we make first contact with the customer through the photo shoot and the viewing session right to finally handing them their finished products, everything we do revolves around the customer and their dog.

If our customers enjoy their experience and feel that they have received exceptional service they WILL come back. If not, they will take their beloved dogs elsewhere in the future. Word-of-mouth is very important in this business too, so it is important that everyone enjoys the experience from beginning to end in order that they tell all their doggy friends!



How would you rate the quality of customer service you deliver and why?

We really care about our customers and their dogs. We want them all to be happy from the moment they book their photo shoot to the moment they receive their photographs. We use an online booking system that enables customers to book shoots and viewings when it’s convenient for them and we are also flexible with timings, as we understand how busy people are.

Many dogs that come to the studio are rescue dogs and sometimes the customer has little or no idea of the history of the dog and so can worry that their dog will misbehave or worse! We ALWAYS put the wellbeing of our dogs first, we never get the dog to do anything it does not like and we always make sure the dog is comfortable in the studio surrounding, we flash the lights to ensure the dog is not sensitive and we always spoil the dog with plenty of love and fuss. Most importantly we never rush the shoot.



How do you deal with any complaints?

We want all our customers to be delighted with their experience and their products. If a customer has a complaint with goods or services that we provide we will sit down with the customer and listen to their complaint and work with the customer to resolve the issue to their satisfaction.


Why should people choose you as a company?

We love photography and we love dogs!



Where can people find you? 

You can find me via The Gloucester Dog Photographer website and also on Facebook and Instagram.


Thanks to Colin for chatting to me today! He really is the ultimate dog whisperer as I have never known privilegedpup to sit still for two seconds but Colin had him eating out of his hand! I have taken him to puppy training classes since he was little and although he has made plenty of progress over the years, at times I do not know how he has managed to earn his certificates. My wine bill has quadrupled and I need at least 3 hours on the sofa to recover after each class!

I was lucky enough recently to be able to take privilegedpup for a photo shoot with Colin and the pictures he took are just amazing! The experience itself was like night and day compared to a Cheltenham shoot I took privilegedpup on a couple of years ago and I cannot recommend Colin enough. With very reasonable prices, a perfect photo shoot location and Colin’s genuine love and passion for dogs and photography, it is an exceptional service and privilegedpup will most definitely be spreading the word among his doggy friends!

Until next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x

Just in case you are interested, privilegedpup also has just started his own Instagram so you can find him at privilegedpup75.

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