Today’s Saturday Spotlight is another really exciting one! Finally I get the opportunity to introduce you to the very clever, talented and beautiful lady behind the Lady Janey blonde hair! We first met over five years ago when she was working in a local Gloucester salon. Since then, her client base has grown rapidly and she now runs her own successful mobile business! So without further ado, here she is, my very good friend, Laura Hill, Mobile Hairdresser.


Hi Laura please tell me about your company and its history

I went into hairdressing straight after school and worked as an apprentice for Cutting Edge Cinderford where I stayed for 8 ½ years. I then moved to work for Love the Salon in Gloucester for 5 years before deciding to branch out on my own as a mobile hairdresser.



Why is good customer service important?

I love it when my clients are happy and if I don’t deliver a good service, then they won’t be. Recommendations by word of mouth are very important to me, as I don’t do much advertising. I always want people to feel special when I’ve done their hair, especially on big occasions such as weddings as for brides, looking and feeling their most beautiful is essential.

How would you rate the quality of customer service you deliver and why?

I deliver the best service I can to my clients and always treat them, as I would like to be treated myself. There’s also probably no greater endorsement than if Lady Janey likes what I do! 😉



How do you deal with any complaints?

Luckily these are a rarity. I always encourage customer loyalty because if I don’t know there is something wrong, then I cannot do anything to rectify the situation.

How do you encourage customer loyalty?

By working hard and just doing the best job I can.

Why should people choose you as a company?

Because of the above really. The happiness of my clients is always top priority. If they are happy then I am happy. I enjoy delivering an excellent service, which does not cost the earth.



Where can people find you?

You can find me via my Facebook page and also contact me on 07888 223616



It has been lovely to chat to Laura today! It’s the sign of an excellent hairdresser when standard appointments are a thing of the past because every time you meet up, it’s a catch up and a brew with one of your besties.

I must also mention that Laura was integral to the creation of the Lady Janey logo and I thank her for her patience and support in taking umpteen photos and then I chose the first one taken upon which to base the image! 😉

Until next week everyone, cin cin!

Lady Janey x


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