There are a whole host of reasons as to why someone may be regarded or regard themselves as vulnerable. According to the Financial Conduct Authority’s 2017 Financial Lives Survey up to half of UK adults display one or more characteristic of being potentially vulnerable. That’s approximately 26 million people! Helen Pettifer Training’s Understanding Vulnerability Online Course is designed to enhance your understanding of what vulnerability is and the effects that it has. As a new breed of ‘worried well’ emerge as vulnerable consumers to join the already extensive list, understanding and supporting those who are vulnerable is more important than ever. This isn’t just an ‘interesting to do’ course, this is an absolutely ‘must do.’



Getting Started


Getting started with any of Helen Pettifer Training’s courses is easy. There are clear course instructions with some example activities to get you used to the format along with guidelines as to how to navigate the course menu. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the setup then there’s a detailed introduction covering course objectives. The course layout is easy to navigate and you’ll find yourself immersed in the valuable content in no time. Every detail is important so no skim reading. Detailed notes are essential so that you can easily tackle the well-constructed questions in the assessment.


Course Content


The Understanding Vulnerability Online Course by Helen Pettifer Training commences with an introduction to vulnerability and goes on to analyse the definition of vulnerability. Each consequent section is broken down into easy to access sub sections and contains comprehensive core explanations for the area in question. In this course Helen explores not only the concept of vulnerability but explains the drivers, statistics, elements to decision-making and key point considerations. I started this course thinking I knew a lot already about vulnerability but as I started to make my way through each section, I realised that my own knowledge was only the tip of the iceberg! It only takes a simple change of circumstances to put someone into a vulnerable situation and their needs can be incredibly diverse. It’s paramount now more than ever that we rise to address them and with day-to-day business in a state of limbo there’s no better time to do so!


The Assessment


In order to complete the assessment successfully you need to achieve a pass mark of 80%. This might seem a relatively easy challenge when you see the number of questions. But…….. do not be fooled as each and every one is designed to insightfully test your newfound knowledge. Make sure you have all your notes on hand and that each section is easy to refer to. You can retake the course if necessary so don’t worry as recapping each section will no doubt be equally as valuable as the first time through.


Results time!


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for- the big reveal of the results! What did I get?

Well……….….. this time I had learned my lesson from the previous course. I paid close attention to the precise wording of the questions so proudly achieved 100%!



As someone who is classed officially as vulnerable and at high risk from Coronavirus, I am particularly grateful to Helen for developing this course to help companies develop their understanding of the complexities of vulnerability and the best way to support their customers. Many thanks also to Helen for the opportunity to take the Understanding Vulnerability Online Course in exchange for an honest review. I only ever endorse the best of the best on the Lady Janey blog. All views and opinions are my own.

If you would like to find out more about the online courses that Helen Pettifer Training offers then you can do so by visiting her website. Helen is also on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and her book Understanding Vulnerability: Exploring circumstances and situations that can potentially lead to vulnerability is available on Amazon via the link below.


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