Are you fed up of being fobbed off when you have a legitimate complaint? Worry not as The Grumpy Git Scott Dixon is on hand to help with his book How to Complain: The Consumer Guide to Resolve Complaints and Motoring Disputes. Complete with expert advice on a whole range of consumer issues and specialising particularly in motoring complaints, Scott covers all you need to know to get fast results with limited effort!



It’s always hard to know where to start when you’re trying to put together a complaint. Companies also seem to be making it increasingly harder to get hold of them, which makes what should be a simple refund claim into a seemingly impossible task. In his book Scott tackles this by first of all looking at how to get started with your complaint and who to complain to so that you don’t fall at the first hurdle. There are practical and straightforward tips as to how to make an effective complaint and advice as to how to best make your claim.

As he clarifies the minefield of legislation using simple to understand terminology, Scott takes no prisoners in his mission to encourage readers to hold companies to account for shoddy service, seek redress and demand only the highest standards of customer service.



In addition to covering key legislation and a clear guide to your consumer rights, How to Complain: The Consumer Guide to Resolve Complaints and Motoring Disputes also comes with free letter templates to help you compile a successful complaint.

If you’re looking for help seeking refunds or redress, then this book is definitely a ‘must read’ and it is particularly useful in the consumer world of motoring with advice on problems with car purchase and how to contest speeding fines and parking tickets.

There’s more invaluable information, guidance and advice on Scott’s The Grumpy Git website and you’ll also find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Want to see results with your claim? Buy the book!


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