According to Ombudsman Services research, poor customer service costs UK businesses £37billion each year. Can you believe that? £37 billion! Dealing with upset customers is a real challenge and one, which can be often a deal breaker leading to the loss of customers. But worry not; help is at hand to help you keep them with Helen Pettifer Training’s Handling Upset Customers Online Course.



Poor Customer Service can lead to losing valuable customers, missing opportunities for referrals and recommendations, a company gaining a bad reputation, an increase in negative reviews and poor staff morale. One way to avoid all of this is to deal with customer complaints in the most effective way possible and you can learn how to do so in this comprehensive and easy to follow online course by Helen Pettifer Training, which is designed to help you ‘develop your skills in handling challenging customer situations in a confident, calm, and professional manner.’


Getting Started


Getting started is easy. There are clear course instructions with some example activities to get you used to the format along with guidelines as to how to navigate the course menu. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the setup then there’s a detailed introduction covering course objectives and some questions to consider before embarking on the course itself.


Course Content


The Handling Upset Customers Course by Helen Pettifer Training is made up of six modules; Why Customers Complain, Self- Management, Connecting with the Customer, Resolutions, Customer’s Crossing the Line and Learning from Complaints. Each section is broken down into easy to access sub sections and contains comprehensive core explanations for the area in question. No stone is left unturned as Helen explains exactly the key emotions you face when dealing with upset customers and advises the best action to take. Helen also highlights good key points to remember at regular intervals in the course. The questions to consider were really thought provoking and perfectly angled towards practicing self-awareness in order to maintain control of your actions when dealing with upset customers.


The Assessment


This in depth course covers a wealth of information so I must admit that I was expecting an assessment to end all assessments size wise at the end and had prepared self accordingly. However despite the mass of content, the assessment itself is sharp and to the point with just 10 questions but ………don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity. In order to complete the assessment successfully and achieve the pass mark of 80% you need to have paid attention to detail in all advice given and be able to apply your new found knowledge accordingly.


Results time!


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for- the big reveal of the results! What did I get?



Well…….. not 100% as you would imagine but 90! How on earth did that happen? Surely I could write the book when it comes to Customer Service? Where did it all go wrong?

The answer to this is that it didn’t. My result just goes to show that there’s always something new to learn when it comes to Customer Service. Courses like this one are designed to present you with new scenarios and new concepts so that you can put your newfound knowledge into action and make those Customer Service experiences for your customers nothing less than exceptional. There’s no room for complacency.

Do I still know what I’m talking about? Yes of course I do. The question I got wrong was one where I just misunderstood the wording so interpreted it incorrectly. Sob! However I have overcome this disappointment with the comfort that it is so important in Customer Service to be a reflective learner. As Helen quite rightly says “It’s important after each difficult conversation that you take the opportunity to think about what happened and consider your experience of the situation. Reflecting back over the experience is vital for developing your understanding and learning.”



Thank you to Helen for the opportunity to take the Helen Pettifer Handling Upset Customers Online Course in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own and even though there is the option to retake the assessment I felt it was important not to gloss over my real result. I always tell it like it is and now I have a certificate too!

If you would like to find out more about the online courses that Helen Pettifer Training offers then you can do so by visiting her website training page. Helen is also on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.











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