This week on Mystery Shop Monday I thought I’d check out the service at another of the largest supermarkets. I did my usual big shop at the start of the week but typically forgot a few things so decided to pop into my local Tesco store to pick up a few more bits to see us through to the weekend.



Friendliness of Service 7/10

Staff I came into contact with were polite enough but I wasn’t overwhelmed by friendliness as they just seemed to be going through the motions of doing their job. I had to ask for the location of a few items and although staff were able to help, there were no genuine smiles and if I hadn’t asked for help, I doubt anyone would have picked up on the fact I needed assistance.


Efficiency of Service 7/10

Shopping at Tesco was relatively straightforward. Staff were able to deal with queries regarding location of items and purchases were passed through checkout without any issues. Many of the checkouts were manned but there weren’t many hands on staff available in the aisles. I had to trek past quite a few until I could find someone to help me find something which was then at the other side of the store.



Speed of Service 8/10

Checkout queues were around 2 to 3 deep. There was no queue at the self service check outs. Purchases were scanned quickly and time spent at the checkout was minimal.


Quality of Product 8/10

Tesco products are fairly and competitively priced. Fresh produce looked fresh and appealing and most displays were well presented and shelves well stocked. I was happy with the overall cost and quality of my purchases but as a creature of habit, I’ll still be sticking to my usual preferred supermarket for my regular shop.



Overall experience 7/10

It was easy to pop in to Tesco for the few bits I needed. I’m not as used to the layout of the store as I am with others so although this did impact on my customer experience as I had to ask where some items were located and I spent some time wandering aimlessly around the store, this was my fault and not really Tesco’s. However more visible hands on staff willing to help, offering to help and actively being able to do so would have been preferable. Not sure I’ll be heading back for a Christmas shop even if some of the goodies in the festive brochure looked particularly fabulous! How about you? What’s your supermarket of choice?

Until next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x





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