Last week I had to visit the opticians, something I dread. Not because it’s painful or terribly expensive but because it always seems such a tedious, long drawn out process of different checks and tick boxes. Exasperation first sets in when making the initial telephone call to make the appointment. I’ve grown old by the time the assistant reels off her longwinded spiel upon answering the call to the extent that I forget what I rang up for in the first place. You can make appointments on line but it’s not really very clear as to what you are actually booking so I haven’t braved it yet. Luckily for the sake of sanity, I don’t need to ring very often and in contrast to previous visits, this week’s Mystery Shop in Specsavers Opticians Gloucester for my contact lens check and eye test was a surprisingly painless experience. Read on to find out why!



Friendliness of Service 9/10

All staff were really friendly, helpful and polite. On arrival I was sent off to have all my details checked. I’m easily irritated in these situations especially if I am asked the same questions time and again, whether they be necessary or not, and if I am asked to do something which will just take more time. However the assistant I spoke to was very calm, very clear and completed the checks in very good time with little fuss. The optician was also very friendly and put me at my ease during the check. I’m very squeamish about anything to do with my eyes so am always pleased when all the poking and prodding is over.



Efficiency of Service 9/10

My visit ran like clockwork with both the sight test and contact lens check seamlessly following each other with only a short wait in between. I was kept informed of what to expect for each stage of the appointment and questions were answered fully. I was particularly pleased with the honest advice given by the optician regarding my new lenses, although admittedly less so when I then found out they were not in stock so would have to come back another day for another appointment! I didn’t have to pay for the checks themselves, as they are part of a contact lens care plan. However I did have to buy an extra box of daily lenses to take me through until the new ones arrived. This payment was processed quickly and without issue.



Speed of Service 9/10

I was in and out of Specsavers in under an hour, which may seem a lot but the time did go quite quickly. Usually there’s a lot more sitting around waiting but this time each stage of the check seemed to flow quite nicely into the other. There was one test in particular I was dreading where every time you see some kind of light, you have to press a button. I think it’s to test field of vision. My reactions are dreadful because of my MS so I was very pleased this time to see that it was omitted. It made the other tests seem very bearable and they were all carried out with timely precision.

Quality of Product 8/10

When I changed from monthly lenses to daily lenses a couple of years ago due to a nasty eye infection, my bills increased quite significantly. However as part of the easycare contact lens package, I do get all sight tests, routine contact lens checks, free replacement lenses if needed, free delivery of lenses and one free pair of glasses per year or discounts on other ranges. Although I felt that the costs of daily lenses were a tad on the steep side, the Specsavers easycare contact lens package is very competitive especially when I’m back on monthly lenses.



Overall experience 9/10

All in all this was a much more pleasant experience than usual with relatively little fuss. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable about the product and the checks were conducted quickly and efficiently. I felt that I was valued as a customer and that although the service is very regimented in terms of checklists, the experience itself was tailored to my individual needs. Despite the tediousness of the processes involved in each and every visit, which would no doubt be the same wherever I go, I’ve been a loyal customer of Specsavers Opticians now for as long as I can remember and after this visit, this will no doubt remain the status quo.


 Where shall I go next week everyone? Please let me know in the comments! #watchoutforthenails

Cin cin!

Lady Janey x



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