This week’s Mystery Shop sees me awarding my first set of full marks of overall experience! After its recent negative stint in the press spotlight, I couldn’t resist heading over to Patisserie Valerie in Gloucester to see if the latest publicity had had any effect on the product and the service. Evidently not!



Friendliness of Service 10/10

Staff at Patisserie Valerie could not have been more friendly and welcoming. I was greeted with smiles on arrival and far from the despondency regarding the possible future of Patisserie Valerie that I feared, the mood was very positive and upbeat. I was looked after by Laura and Maggie who could not have been more attentive, polite and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble and they seemed keen to provide the best service possible. I couldn’t have been more impressed!



Efficiency of Service 10/10

I seated myself at a table by the window to give me the best of views on to Southgate Street so I could entertain myself with my favorite hobby people watching while having lunch. I noticed that the table was not very clean when I sat down but before I had a chance to say anything, Maggie was already there to wipe it clean. I was then provided with menus and cutlery. My food and drink order was taken quickly and without issue, food served promptly and I was asked on several occasions if everything was ok with my lunch.



Speed of Service 10/10

I didn’t have to wait long for any aspect of my lunch experience. It was fairly quiet when I arrived but even when further customers came in, the service was still very quick and efficient and time just flew by.

Quality of Product 9/10

There’s a lot of choice on the menu at Patisserie Valerie but I love avocado so that made the final decision easier. I opted for a Mozzeralla Cheese Panini served with avocado and a rocket salad, which was competitively priced at £8.50. I thought the salad was a tad overdressed for my taste but the panini itself was just lovely. Portions were generous so I had to ask for a doggy bag to take the rest home with me. This was actioned within seconds when requested.



Overall experience 10/10

After my table was quickly cleared and doggy bag delivered, I was basking so much in the fabulousness of the whole experience and how much I had enjoyed it, that I completely forgot about paying! However Maggie and Laura dealt with what could have potentially been a very awkward situation with textbook perfection. Once again they could not have been more lovely and 10/10 for the whole experience is very well deserved. I will look forward to my next visit to try all one of the fabulous cakes on display albeit not undercover, and also remembering to pay the bill earlier! #blonde

Until next week everyone! Cin cin!

Lady Janey x





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