Dogs are with us for a short time, but the love and joy they share resonates long after they’re gone. Taking photos of your dogs is a beautiful way to capture the joy that they’ve brought you and to create cherished memories you can look back on for years to come.




Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get great pictures of your dogs. Here are some helpful tips for taking awesome photos of your canine companions.


Capture Their Personality


Don’t think that your dogs have to be posed and costumed to be photographed. Whether you plan on making an album, blowing photos up to frame and mount on your wall or forwarding them to be turned into works of art like you can see right here on Instapainting, you should show who your dog really is.

If you have a playful labrador, don’t fight with him to sit still. Instead, change your camera settings and get some great action shots of him playing fetch. If you have a couple of Golden Doodles who love to snuggle, capture that love and adoration as they’re curled up together. If you have a pug who loves to take over the king-sized bed, capture her sprawled out in the lap of luxury.


Schedule Wisely


If you’re planning on taking some photos of your dogs, rather than snapping candid shots, you need to schedule your session wisely. Consider your dogs’ mood throughout the day. If they tend to get wound up when you get home from work and need a walk to burn off some extra energy, it’s probably not the best time to try and get them to cooperate with a camera. Alternatively, if you take them out to the park for an intense round of fetch, they may be too tired after the fact to cooperate.

Take note of your dogs’ schedule and be strategic when planning your photo session. Choose a time that fits their mood and the aspects of their personality that you want to capture.

Get on Their Level


To get professional-looking photos, shoot from your dogs’ level rather than your own. If your dogs are different heights, pick a middle point. By shooting from your eye level, you’re creating an awkward downward angle that can distort the shape and size of your dog. Furthermore, getting down on their level allows you to create a more immersive setting, that will make you feel like your dog is truly present in the photos.


If this is potentially challenging for you, use a tripod. Not only can a tripod be adjusted, but it also frees up your hands so that you can give out some extra love and affection. There are tripods for both digital cameras and phones that can be triggered remotely.


Dogs Accept Bribes


Don’t hesitate to bribe or reward your dogs with treats and new toys. These will make them more cooperative as you try to secure the perfect image, and it will give them a new, exciting distraction so they don’t get too curious about what you’re doing. New toys and treats also create the opportunity for varied poses and styles.


Be willing to take breaks during your photoshoot to let everyone feel comfortable and at ease, yourself included. This should be a fun event for all involved! Remember: you can never love your dogs too much. Be patient and kind during the photoshoot process, giving out lots of pats and snuggles. Watch your tone and try to refrain from shaming them for not cooperating. After all, models are a fickle bunch.


Take some time to learn some photography basics if you aren’t already familiar with things like shutter speed and lighting. With the right approach, you can take fabulous photos of your dogs and even get them used to the process.



Please note that this is a sponsored post. Views and opinions are not necessarily my own.


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