With Cheltenham beauty week in full flow, it’s a slightly different post from me this week with a few tips as to how to save money and look your best for less! There’s such a fabulous array of events, treatments and experiences on offer that I have been thoroughly spoilt for choice. If you haven’t attended any already, take a look at the Visit Cheltenham website and get choosing! It’s the perfect opportunity for a catch up with the girls or to try something you’ve always liked the idea of but, like moi, can’t quite afford or justify the expense.

That’s the thing with these things, they always seem to cost the earth and with everyday living costs increasing on a daily basis, there’s just not really enough pennies left in the pot for pamper time. However there are ways and means to save money and look your best for less so how about trying the following?



Make up

Since my days of being a trolley dolly for Great British Air, I’m a massive fan of Clinique but it doesn’t come cheap. I’ve tried other less expensive brands but they just aren’t for me. Never seem to have quite the same lasting finish. Not that I actually wear much make up but when I do, I like to feel it doesn’t need to be caked on to survive the day! Whenever I can, I pick up what I can in duty free but seeing as I no longer live a jet set lifestyle, I’ve taken to planning in advance and buying via eBay. Make up is one of those things that if you buy it and don’t like it, you can’t take it back so there is always someone selling this that and the other. Obviously you need to be careful as there are quite a few dodgy sellers on these sites offering counterfeit products but you just need to check seller and product details carefully. If you do make a purchase then there are little tricks to checking whether a product is genuine or not. For example incorrect spelling on the product itself is a big giveaway and under the eBay money back guarantee, if it’s not as described, just raise a claim and you’ll get your money back. Another money saving tip is to save up your Boots points or similar for the bigger ticket items. I just spend as I normally do and that whatever I have collected can be used for a nice new mascara or lipstick as and when needed.




After years of going to a hairdressing salon, I thought I would NEVER enjoy having my hair done at home but I’m so lucky now to have a fab mobile hairdresser, Laura, and it has effectively halved my monthly beauty expenditure and I’ve gained a friend for life. Credit to Laura too for the creation of the Lady Janey image as it wouldn’t be what it is without her input. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lovely luxurious experience in an expensive Cheltenham salon recently but just don’t feel I need to make this a habit as I’m so thoroughly spoilt with first class treatment in the comfort of my own home. My love for supporting all things local has meant I have also found a fab local hairdressers where another lovely Laura – must be in the name- ensures that whenever I go to an event, my hair is blow dried to perfection and I don’t look like have been dragged through three hedges backwards. Fabulous prices too! Don’t be afraid to try something  or somewhere new. Budget price does not necessarily mean budget service! In fact the reality can be quite the contrary.



Pamper time!

I love a good spa. A bit of me and hubby time with a life size bottle of prosecco, fabulous hot tub, nice salt and oil scrub and a cool dip in the pool but these things are just so pricey that it’s always a once in a blue moon experience! In order to save money, keep an eye on the packages and offers, midweek are best, but if you see one, then make sure you also check the prices of different components as it could work out cheaper to build your own package. Groupon offer a whole range of vouchers for a variety of experiences so definitely worth checking them out. It’s also worth ringing the hotel or spa if you have a special occasion coming up to see if there is anything they can offer you in addition to the package or by way of a possible upgrade. If you don’t ask then you won’t get anyway.



Last but not least, please do not forget, it it’s not worth it don’t pay for it. Making sure that anything you spend your hard earned money on is 100% worth it, especially if it’s something you’ve worked hard to save up for! For example, there’s been many a time on a spa break which has cost me £x hundreds of pounds where the experience has fallen short of expectations. If it does, then you need to speak up so that you receive appropriate redress.

I am always first in the queue to let companies know if I am disappointed in any way. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, products must be of satisfactory quality, as described, fit for purpose and last a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t, then you are well within your rights to complain and ask for a refund if necessary. Never allow yourself to be fobbed off.

Rules also apply to second hand or reduced goods because just because they are second hand does not mean that they should be a second rate standard. If they are not of satisfactory quality then you still have the right to return them.

So pleased to be linking up with Cass Emma  and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky!

Happy Cheltenham Beauty Week everyone! Let’s get out there, save some money and look our best for less! x

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