With lockdown purse strings likely to be tightened with the fear of a recession, it’s a slightly different post from me this week with a few tips as to how to save money and look your best for less! After months of doom and gloom with not a hairdresser or beautician in sight, we all deserve treat or two. But if you can’t quite afford it or justify the expense then here are just a few ideas to save money and still look your best for less.


Cut out the non essential


Work out how much you normally spend on beauty products and how much you’ve spent in lockdown. Then think of what you could do with the money you’ve saved. Is there anything you’ve found that you can live without? Consider the difference between want and need. To save money, simplify your beauty routine by reducing the number of products you use and try cheaper shop brand products. You can still look your best without the big price tag.



Make up


Since my cabin crew days, I’m a big fan of Clinique but it doesn’t come cheap. I’ve tried other less expensive brands but they just aren’t for me. Never seem to have quite the same lasting finish. Whenever I can, I pick up what I need in duty free but seeing as that’s now not an option, I’ve taken to planning in advance and buying via online selling sites.

Make up is one of those things that if you buy it and don’t like it, you can’t take it back so there is always someone selling this that and the other. You need to be careful as there are quite a few dodgy sellers on these sites offering counterfeit products but you just need to check seller and product details carefully. If you do make a purchase then there are little tricks to checking whether a product is genuine or not. For example incorrect spelling on the product itself is a big giveaway and under the eBay money back guarantee for example, if it’s not as described, just raise a claim and you’ll get your money back.

Another money saving tip to look your best for less is to save up your store card points for the bigger ticket items. I just spend as I normally do and that whatever I have collected can be used for a nice new mascara or lipstick as and when needed. Embrace those store brand products, make up doesn’t need to be high end to do the job.





After years of going to a hairdressing salon, I thought I would NEVER enjoy having my hair done at home but I’m so lucky now to have a fabulous mobile hairdresser, and it has effectively halved my monthly beauty expenditure. Nowadays I’m thoroughly spoilt with first class treatment in the comfort of my own home. Don’t be afraid to try something  or somewhere new. Budget price does not necessarily mean budget service! In fact the reality can be quite the opposite. 

Washing your hair less frequently can also help save a few pennies on shampoo and conditioner. Research also shows that it’s better for your locks too as frequent washing can lead to oiliness.





There’s nothing better than a nice hotel stay to recharge my batteries. In order to save money, keep an eye on current packages and offers as hotels start to reopen and encourage customers to return. Midweek stays are best, but if you see one, then make sure you also check the prices of different components as it could work out cheaper to build your own package. It’s also worth ringing the hotel  if you have a special occasion coming up to see if there is anything they can offer you in addition to the package or by way of a possible upgrade. If you don’t ask then you won’t get anyway.


Pamper time!


With beauty salons still being closed then professional massages, manicures and treatments will just have to wait. Self care though remains all important so check out online videos for DIY manicure tips to get salon quality nails. Schedule a zoom call with friends to hold your own spa morning and use up all those products you’ve been given as presents that you’ve never had call to use until now.

In this blog post, lifestyle blogger Sonia Polzella from Londoner in the Country describes how to develop a low cost but high value self pamper routine at home.




Last but not least, please do not forget, it it’s not worth it don’t pay for it. Make sure that anything you spend your hard earned money on is 100% worth it, especially if it’s something you’ve worked hard to save up for.

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, products must be of satisfactory quality, as described, fit for purpose and last a reasonable amount of time. If they don’t, then you are well within your rights to complain and ask for a refund if necessary. Don’t allow yourself to be fobbed off, be firm but fair.

Rules also apply to second hand or reduced goods because just because they are second hand does not mean that they should be a second rate standard. If they are not of satisfactory quality then you still have the right to return them.

Happy getting used to a new norm everyone. Let’s get out there, save some money and look our best for less!

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