Harts Barn Cookery School is right on my doorstep. I’ve always wanted to try out one of the cookery classes but for one reason or another I’ve not quite managed it- until now that is. When I heard that there was one space left for the vegan bakery class last Saturday, I was there like a shot!

Vegetarianism I can handle- the elimination of meat from my diet. When diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis nearly 20 years ago, a diet low in saturated fat was recommended so as well as cutting out meat, I have also reduced my dairy intake considerably. However I’ve always been very reluctant to take that next step and adopt a full vegan diet for a number or reasons. My love of desserts and the fear that I won’t be able to eat anything and cooking will be a nightmare being just some of them, fickle as that may be!

This Harts Barn Cookery School masterclass was simply too good to miss! I’ve always known which plant based ingredients to put together to make vegan desserts but have never been brave enough to try it for myself. However that was all about to change as for one afternoon I had the pleasure of learning how to make the most delicious of vegan desserts by the very talented, inspiring and incredibly patient Erin Baker.



On the recipe list was a raspberry ripple cheesecake, a lemon tart with a macaroon crust, meringues with berry and coconut whip and if this wasn’t enough to get the taste buds flowing, it was all topped off with a lovely chocolate cake with equally lovely, chocolatey gnache!




I must admit that when I read the list, I thought no way; I’ll never manage that. However Harts Barn aims to deliver courses, which are accessible practical affordable and lots of fun and under the expert tuition of Erin, there was no reason at all for me not to succeed.



This course was great value at just £55 for a three hour session where you not only get chance to learn lots of the secrets of vegan baking but you get hands on experience as to how to create some simply gorgeous desserts. All ingredients are provided so throw in a few cups of coffee with a creamy coconut based milk and an opportunity to take your creations home and it’s time and money very well spent.

There’s a whole range of courses on offer at Harts Barn Cookery School and all age groups and levels are catered for. You can find out more about them here.



As for me, I’ve got my eye firmly on one of the nice little vegetarian or vegan cookery courses lined up for later this year, again led by Erin. Even though I consider myself quite a whizz in the Lady Janey kitchen, there’s always room for improvement- and ideas! Wonder if this sign means I can take my own wine too, vegan of course!

Cin cin!


Many thanks to Harts Barn for inviting me to take part in this masterclass! All views and opinions are my own.

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