It’s funny isn’t it that everything that we used to take for granted is currently not possible. The freedom to be able to eat out, see friends and family, go to work, take holidays and go shopping are all things that we never really appreciated. As a result of the current crisis, we’re all taking stock of our lives, evaluating what is really important and being grateful for what we have because we just don’t know what tomorrow will bring.




G is for grateful because that’s what I am

R is for resilient as I do what I can

A is for abiding when I do as I’m told

T is for thankful as each day unfolds

I is for incredible, the situation we face

T is for terrified as we hear of a new case

U is for united as we are in this fight

D is for determined to keep victory in sight

And E is for everyone we know and we love

Just being there for each other is more than enough.


What are you grateful today?


On Thursday 26th March at 8pm, the country came together to say a big thank you and show gratitude to the NHS and care workers who are treating those affected by Covid-19. However with so much negativity still in the air as we remain on lockdown, making a conscious effort to be grateful is a good way to get through these tough times. Steven Crumblehulme from Sole Therapies has developed a series of daily mindfulness videos to provide support and help to anyone who needs it. This particular Facebook video covers gratitude and how a good strategy is to try to think of three things per day that you’re grateful for.



Many thanks to Steven, another set of excellent tips! I’ve been quite poorly with my MS for a month or so but I’m still grateful for my health, as although relapsing, there are others who have bigger crosses to bear. I am well supported, very much loved and live in beautiful and peaceful area. There’s plenty of open space to walk privilegedpup and sit outside with a coffee or wine, the sun is shining brightly and………… I can hang the washing out to dry. That’s more than 3 things I know but better more than less?

Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Sarah Miles wrote this post about the things she missed during lockdown. I’m sure we can all relate to them as things that we are very much grateful for.

Brimming full of gratitude, I thought it would be nice to also ask more of my favourite fellow bloggers what they were grateful for too and here’s what they said.


“Today I am grateful for my family, my house and a garden where we can enjoy fresh air and freedom. Sending love to you all.”

Jamie Collier Thrifty Mumma Thrifty Bubba


“What am I grateful for? Well in time like these I am grateful that we have such fabulous community support here in Gloucester, I feel really a part of something even though we are in isolation. I am also grateful for the beautiful surroundings of nature and having the ability to get creative to fulfil our days.

Sonia Polzella Londoner in the Country


“I am grateful for having a safe home to live in, I am grateful for all our amazing NHS staff who are battling hard every day, but also all our emergency services, keyworkers and anyone who is putting their own health at risk to keep us save and protected. I am grateful for having amazing friends and family.”


Sarah Miles Beauty Addict


“I am grateful for so many things at the moment. Firstly spending quality time with my family, the weather which has graced us and getting to see the bottom of my washing basket, i honestly thought it never ending!”

Kelly Eroglu Reduced Grub


I’m grateful for all of the key workers who are putting their safety on the line to keep the country ticking over – NHS workers, shop workers, delivery drivers, carers, police and fire people, the military. I’m also grateful for good family, friends and neighbours. 

Debbie Stansil Random Musings


“I’m grateful for my family today, who even though are far away are helping to keep me positive and motivated. My brother has created a workout plan for me to help me meet my fitness goal and my mum cheered me up by reminding me not to have my knickers hanging up in the background of work video conferences! The small things are definitely keeping me going!”

Kim John Life can be Toff


I’ve ended with Kim’s comment as yes things can be ‘toff’ but we can get through this if we metaphorically hold each other’s hand and be grateful for each and every moment of happiness that comes along.

Take care, stay home, stay safe and be grateful every day for what you have.




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