Muddy, cold, wet and smelly! That’s just country life… or is it?

Being the precious social bubble I am, I never thought I’d end up living in the countryside. We’re the only property on our postcode and our closest neighbours are even listed as being in different towns! Public transport links are almost non-existent so without a car, we would be even more isolated than we are now. Luckily there’s a fabulous country pub on my doorstep to save my sanity but if I need anything from the shops then there’s no convenient local store. I’ve got more walking boots now than shoes and my heels rarely see the light of day!



So why is it a country life for me?


Because it’s not just about the little pocket of picturesque rural Gloucestershire in which we live. Since starting my blog, I’ve loved finding out what the Cotswolds has to offer and the best thing is that there is so much still out there yet to discover!

This month I was really pleased to be able to share 5 of my favourite places for excellent customer service in Cotswold Life but it’s not always a garden of roses! Make sure you sign up for regular email updates to be the very first to know what is good and what is most definitely not!



So is life in the country
All that I thought that it would be?
Is it all just scenic walks
And the best of afternoon tea?

Is it waking up to birdsong
And breathing in that country air?
Or a leisurely drive on a Sunday
To visit all the country fayres?

I thought I’d be growing all my veggies
Like every country dweller should
But sadly I’m more of a ‘Margot’
Than I’ll ever be ‘Barbara Good.’

When hanging out my washing
The local farmer’s spraying muck
And if it snows or rains
My little Mazda just gets stuck.

This country life is far from fast
But it’s better than our broadband speed
Even when ‘cranked up’ to the max
The best we get is 1.3!

Updates are almost impossible
When you live with a service that’s pap
And if I want to download a movie
That’s hours I’ll never get back.

Whenever we lose power
I perch upon my kitchen sink
As the only way to get online
Is via a ‘hotspot’ link.

So thank goodness for my local pub
And all the country spas.
For the places I can visit
And the best of Cheltenham’s bars.

I’ll raise a glass to the Cotswolds
And all it has to give
Because in spite of any downsides
There’s nowhere else I’d rather live.


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