A breakfast with someone who doesn’t do breakfast? Luckily today’s fabulous guest for the long awaited return to the Breakfast With series has made a tiny little social distanced exception just for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited! Please welcome fellow UKMoneyblogger and Personal Finance Expert Lynn Beattie aka Mrs Mummypenny to the Lady Janey sofa.


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Lynn Beattie is the founder, and CEO of Mrs Mummypenny Ltd and runs the Mrs Mummypenny brand. She has a website, YouTube channel, podcast, and social media. She is also a regular on all TV channels as a personal finance expert along with writing for newspapers and magazines and has just released her first AMAZING book The Money Guide to Transform Your Life! 



Lynn has been ‘obsessed with money’ her entire life from being a young child counting her dad’s 20p’s and taking them to the bank to her 20s when she became an accountant working for HSBC and Tesco. Then in her 30s, Lynn set up Mrs Mummypenny to share guidance with her community. Lynn says she ‘Inspires financial freedom through my writing and talking’ and that ‘Authentic and honest real-life money stories are the key’ to her business.

I firmly believe that whatever you do should be driven by your WHY with mine being to help people and generate a few laughs along the way. Lynn’s WHY has led her to writing a book – ‘The Money Guide to transform your life, ‘ due to be released on 1st September. This will be a ‘guide for women to help with 1) short-term money saving ideas including budgeting, getting out of debt, family money saving, money making etc. 2) working toward financial freedom, longer term personal finance including insurance, savings, investment, pensions, and entrepreneurship.’ Wow, sounds good to me! Can’t wait to read it.

Lynn’s first ever job was working for Oliver Shoe shop on Penzance High Street aged 14. She says she loved that job because they recognised her ‘Mathematical prowess and had me doing the banking, setting the sales targets, all sort of commercial tasks.’ Lynn also loved selling shoes and says that the best shoe to sell was the Doctor Martin, ‘At £45 a pop (it was 1991!)’ This apparently went a long way to hitting daily sales targets. I never had Doc Martins; my feet are tiny so they just looked HUGE, a bit like having large clown feet.

Lynn’s worst job was working in the head office of a well-known stationary company in High Wycombe. It was a temp job and she needed the money. Lynn says it was ‘the MOST boring job ever’ as she ‘Sat for seven hours a day keying in the invoices that their scanning payment system would not automatically accept. Luckily the pay ‘was great at around £10 an hour (it was 1996)’ but think that was the only plus by all accounts.



When it comes to customer service gripes, Lynn hates it when companies make it difficult to get hold of information or make it difficult to leave. This is one that I wholeheartedly share! She is currently having such battles with Virgin broadband. Lynn cancelled her service and they have refused to give her the landline number that she needs to switch over to EE. She says the ‘Difference in monthly cost is huge. £54 for my renewal quote of £24 with EE, plus £100 cash back. No brainer.’ Lynn has tried absolutely everything. How frustrating! Think I might just have to muscle in on this one.

As a top UK Moneyblogger, Lynn’s biggest tip is to keep a spending diary. This is something she has been doing daily since lockdown began. Lynn says ‘It is fascinating to write all the spending down and reflect at the end of the day how much you spent and on what. Did you really need to spend that money? Was it a need or a want? Was its emotional spending?’ Agreed, think it’s important to establish whether you actually need something or whether it’s something you can realistically live without.

Lynn has been sharing her spending diaries every week on her website and thousands of people have read them. She has also used the content for articles for newspapers, for magazines, on TV and data is being used for an academic study.


Image Credit Rick Findler


I asked Lynn where she saw herself in 10 years time and she exclaimed that it seemed ‘a long time away.’ Then she will be 53, and her children will be 22, 20 and 17. Lynn says that she will be preparing to move closer to the sea. She was brought up in Penzance with a bedroom view of Mounts Bay and St. Michaels Mount so feels the need to return to living by the sea. For the time being however she has to stay within reach of London in Hertfordshire, ‘Paying a fortune for my house’ but ‘Living near some incredible schools for the boys.’

Mrs Mummypenny has just celebrated an incredible seven years in business, and Lynn says that it ‘Consistently grows by around 40-50% each year profit wise.’ Lynn’s aim is to have financial freedom with no mortgage and enough money to draw from for the rest of her life. This means that she can then focus on ‘Philanthropic work such as financial education for children and young adults, lobbying for change in government and working with my favourite charities such as Grief Encounter.’



I was traumatised to learn that Lynn does not eat breakfast but as this is a socially distanced breakfast then I think she must be making an exception for my virtual one. She says that she does ‘Intermittent fasting’ and has her first meal at around 1pm and her last meal at around 7pm. However ‘for a treat, let us say I am back in Las Vegas. I would go to Henrys in the Cosmopolitan. I would order the short rib of beef served on a huge hash brown with a poached egg. With a side of crispy bacon. As it’s Vegas. a mimosa on the side.’ Good choice, American breakfasts are not to be missed.

As it is Vegas, Lynn would like her breakfast partners to be Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling. I’m sure I could squeeze into that circle too preferable sandwiched between both Brads. Maybe they would agree to be my next Breakfast guests?

Many thanks to Lynn Beattie aka Mrs Mummypenny for having breakfast with me today. Instagram is her favourite social media platform but she’s also on Twitter and Facebook as well as having a podcast, YouTube channel and of course, a fabulous website.

Until next time everyone! Cin cin!



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